The Virtual CMO podcast explores growth marketing strategies for small and midsize businesses. They focus on what it takes to build strategic marketing plans and execute successful campaigns. The podcast features interviews with marketers and industry veterans who share their real-world experiences and insights.

In this episode of the show, Dmitrii Kustov talks about a hotly debated topic: finding the balance between web design and SEO.

Web design and SEO are closely related. Both aspects are essential factors in creating a compelling user experience that works to inform and convert potential customers.

SEO is how search engines understand what your business is all about. Your content needs to speak a particular language to be discovered and rank in search results. Getting your pages to rank helps drive organic traffic which can bring in new leads and sales opportunities. This sounds simple in theory, but is it difficult to put it all into practice?

If you are still struggling to find the perfect balance between web design and SEO, this episode is just for you:

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