Regex SEO’s founder and Internet Marketing Director, Dmitrii Kustov, was published on Forbes once again.

His article, “The Importance Of Technical Optimization For SEO,” suggests that SEO is a reliable mainstay and will be so for the foreseeable future, despite the newest and latest digital marketing tactics.

The Forbes article emphasizes the importance of integrating high-ranking keywords into high-quality pieces of content and building backlinks. In addition, it also explains the benefits of technical search engine optimization. Because focusing on the website architecture and ensuring that Google can properly crawl the website goes a long way in increasing search rankings.

Here are some of the main points from the full article:

  1. Importance of Technical SEO

First of all, your website needs to do several things for Google to recognize it as a high-value website. It must load quickly, have no dead links, and be secure. If your website hits all these marks, Google’s crawlers will give the website an extra boost in search rankings.

The reasons for this are evident. Creating a strong technical foundation for your website will go a long way in satisfying and delighting your users. Search engine crawlers take notice and prioritize your website over others who offer slower and buggier experiences.

2. SEO Tips And Advice

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. More users are browsing the internet on their smartphones than ever before. So you much cater to this market.

Website speed also plays an important role. Think about enabling browser caching, optimizing your website’s images, and enabling compression on your site. 

Also, make sure that you include an SSL certificate on your website. SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates provide extra security for visitors to your website. It protects data, confirms identities, and improves customer trust. Therefore, by purchasing an SSL certificate, you will not only improve your SEO ranking but will also add additional security to your website.

Finally, submit your sitemap to search engines. Sitemaps are essentially lists of pages on your website. They are critical because they allow search engines to find and index your website.

3. Rising Through The Rankings

Technical SEO isn’t going to automatically get you to the top of Google or Bing’s search result pages. That said, ignoring technical SEO will guarantee that doesn’t happen. A slow or buggy website is going to be punished by search engines, thereby preventing you from achieving your digital marketing goals.

Because of this, we encourage you to take technical SEO seriously. Audit your website, and implement some of the suggestions mentioned above. Ultimately, they will go a long way in strengthening your website’s technical SEO.

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