Regex SEO Named Best Digital Marketing Firm in Houston by

We have made’s list of the top 15 digital marketing firms in Houston

We are very proud to be recognized by one of the largest online business review platforms! It’s such an honor to be acknowledged for all the effort and hard work we do for our clients. is among the leading independent websites that reviews businesses, tools, and services, including sentiment analysis to score companies and products. The list of top digital marketing companies in Houston was based on the 40-hour analysis of over 90 local agencies across the Houston Metro area. The chosen companies were selected by for their ability to execute robust internet marketing campaigns, as well as offering other personalized services. 

So, how did we do it?

We are a dedicated company that is composed of professionals with extensive experience in SEO and other marketing strategies. 

By working with us, you get access to custom-built campaigns designed by our in-house team of programmers, graphic designers and content writers. We implement marketing campaigns built on strategies with a proven track record for success.

Whether you’re looking for simple consulting or a full on digital marketing campaign, you can count on Regex SEO to add value to your project! Ready to launch?

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