Expertise has put the local marketing agency on their list of top digital marketing agencies in Houston for 2020.

Houston, Texas, April, 21, 2020- Regex SEO has once again made Expertise’s top digital marketing agencies list for Houston. Making the top 34 list for 2020 distinguishes the local marketing agency as a top choice for clients. 

Expertise gave this distinguishing placement to Regex SEO and the other digital marketing agencies on the list through checking them against a set of strict criteria. There are many variables involved in narrowing things down to only the top agencies, but most of the criteria fall into five basic categories. It is important to those conducting the evaluation at Expertise that an agency be reputable, credible, experienced, available to their clients, and professional. The guidelines used to review each marketing agency ensure that only the best and most deserving of a top placement make the list. 

Regex SEO has earned its place on Expertise’s list of the top digital marketing agencies in Houston through a dedication to meeting client needs and the ability to continually deliver high-quality results. Made up of a team of expert designers, writers, developers, and other marketing professionals, Regex SEO is experienced in a wide range of marketing services and continues to provide their clients with nothing but the best. They have received many positive reviews and strong recommendations from those they have offered their marketing services to. A truly professional digital marketing company, Regex SEO is much-deserving of this and all other recognitions they receive. 

For all of those that have earned this placement, it should be noted that being a top pick says a lot about the digital marketing agency. Expertise doesn’t make its decisions lightly, but puts significant time and effort into the selection process. As Regex SEO has been put on the list through careful consideration, those considering a digital marketing agency can trust Regex SEO to be a great choice.

About Regex SEO

Regex SEO is a full-service digital marketing agency in Houston, TX, that specializes in search engine optimization. 

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