As the marketing industry shifts to accommodate the rise of websites and a constant online presence, the people working in the industry are shifting, too. Previously the field of creatives and ad men, nowadays, the significance of data and analysis is leading to an increase in engineers and the analytical type in marketing. But what makes them so adept at the new always online style of marketing?

As a mathematician and online marketing expert, I’d argue that it’s all about the view. Not like some skyscraper looking over a nice skyline, but the way more technical minds observe, unpack, and rearrange data. The market now revolves around companies collecting as much consumer information as they can, then transforming that info into some actionable marketing strategy. For those with a background in math or engineering, it should be like muscle memory.

Beyond the data, having access to measurable and malleable results is something a technical mind should be able to buy into with ease. If you enjoy testing new methods, experimenting with new technology, and developing innovative strategies, marketing is rich with opportunity.

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