Regex SEO
[‘re-jəks] noun

Regex, or regular expression, is a programming term that helps you find patterns in a giant, messy dataset. Basically, it makes it easier to find everything—and that's where we got the idea to combine it with SEO. Through digital marketing and SEO, we make it easier for people online to find your website.


Who Are We

Regex SEO is a boutique digital marketing agency built on a transparent, data-driven process.

As a team of creatives, analysts, and marketers, our interests are diverse and we love a challenge. We look for clients that inspire our passions and push our limits. Above all else, we value equal parts authenticity and professionalism.

The best work comes from people invested in the outcome. Instead of selling prepackaged marketing plans, we’ll join your team and improve your brand from the inside. Your business is our business, and we believe in developing customized marketing plans that actually work.

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Meet Our Team

Dmitrii Kustov Internet Marketing Director
Ryan Cecil Marketing Manager
Taylor Torres Social Media Manager
Josh Engalla President
Anton Vakhrushev Web Developer
Shubh Sheth Developer
Yakov Kolesnikov Project Manager
Matthew Mapes Content Editor
Anastasia Anisimova Graphic Designer
Servando Sanchez Creative Director
Anna Korneeva SEO Specialist
Egor Starodumov Web Developer