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Elegant Web Design & Function Web Development Is Our Goal

Stand out in an increasingly crowded market with a responsive, elegant and user-friendly website design from an award-winning team. Our Austin web designers create websites that give businesses the competitive edge. We write crisp, clean code that boosts your visibility in the search engines and create eye-catching visuals that grab the users’ attention to help your business look and perform at its best online.

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Personalized Website Design in Austin

Every business is different. Your culture, the people behind the business and the message you want to get across are unique, so you need a website that reflects that. If you want to gain the trust of prospective customers online, you have to be authentic, and to be authentic, you need a website design that’s uniquely you.

Research suggests that 92 percent of consumers visiting a business’s website for the first time aren’t there to buy. Instead, they’re looking for information about a product or service, are comparing prices or searching for answers to their questions. If your website is poorly designed, difficult to navigate or does not tell customers what they want to know, they’ll simply go elsewhere. That’s why professional website design in Austin is so much more than just an aesthetic choice – it’s a vital investment in your business.

Whatever the scope of your website design or development project, we’ll work with you to find the best possible solution for your business. We can do everything from website redesigns to creating fully customized e-commerce or data-driven enterprise websites to deliver the perfect solution for you.


Why Your Business Needs Website Designers in Austin

Austin is the fastest growing city in Texas, with a population that has increased by more than 20 percent since 2010. With new customers and businesses flooding into the area, professional website design is just what you need to set you and your business apart. Here are just a few of the reasons why spending money on a professional web designer in Austin could be the best business investment you make:


Buying online can be a difficult process. Every business uses its website to say how great it is, so prospective customers have to look past those empty words in search of other signs that a business is worth their time. A website that looks professional, works well and answers the customers’ questions will start to build trust in the user. Including client testimonials, professional portfolios and detailed FAQ sections can all play a part in this trust-building process, but having a functional design with intuitive navigation is absolutely key.


Websites that look fantastic but are difficult to use or navigate are not worth a dime. Usability is always at the heart of everything our Austin web design team do. Just ask yourself, how long do you stay on a website if you can’t find the button you want to click or the particular information you need? If you’re anything like most people online, it’s no more than a few seconds. That’s a potential lead or sale you’ve lost as a direct result of poor web design.

Your Bottom Line:

Our Austin website designers do everything they can to keep visitors on your site. We create websites that guide your visitors seamlessly through the sales process, from the research stage all the way through to conversion. Having clear calls-to-action throughout and including natural links to other pages and content are all geared towards maximizing the time the visitor is on your site, increasing conversions and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

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Our Web Design Team Incorporates Every Marketing Channel Into Your Site

At Regex SEO, our Austin web design team works directly with our social media, SEO, PPC & AdWords and email marketing teams to ensure your new website incorporates every online marketing channel.


Professional Web Design For Every Austin Business

As a full-service web design company in Austin, Texas, we are not restricted to specific coding languages, content management systems or e-commerce platforms. We are certified as partners across a diverse range of platforms so we can design and develop the perfect website to meet your specific needs.

eCommerce Website Design & Development

Whether it’s Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or a completely custom eCommerce website, our Austin web designers work across every platform type to create sites that build trust in the customer and convert.

Startup Website Design & Development

Every penny counts for new businesses, so you need something that looks professional, attracts plenty of traffic from the search engines and provides the information customers need to make purchasing decisions without breaking the bank.

Corporate Website Design & Development

As an award-winning Austin web design company, there are no limits to what we can achieve. Our sites convey complicated information clearly and guide users seamlessly through what could otherwise be confusing customer journeys.

Small Business Website Design & Development

We create sites that help local Austin businesses grow. A Regex SEO small business website will attract, convert and build trust in your customers to take your business to new heights.

Austin Website Redesign

Do you have an outdated website that’s well past it’s best? Our Austin web design team can create a stunning new iteration of your existing website to bring you back up to speed. First impressions are everything online so it’s essential you look your best!

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