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Capturing the essence of your brand is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things that go into making your business the entity it is, from the products and services you offer to the way you interact with your customers and the people behind your brand. That’s why you need a logo that incorporates these elements and is uniquely and identifiably you.

At Regex SEO, our creative logo design team in Austin work hard to get under the skin of your business. With their experience and expert eye, they take a creative brief and turn it into a reality, creating an image that reflects everything your business holds dear and has instant appeal for your customer base.

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Everything You Need To Make Your Mark

Over the years, our Austin logo design team have worked across a broad range of industries with businesses large and small. We have designed logos for products and packaging, websites, social media profiles and print publications for local retailers, national brands and everything in between. We can even design the logos for stationery so you can give your customers and clients something to remember you by.

But That’s Enough About Us…

To create images that really speak volumes about your business, our logo design team needs to understand what makes you and your business tick. We’ll discuss where your business has come from and where you want it to be. We also need to know where the logo will appear and who you want it to appeal to. Only once we understand your requirements clearly will we start committing our ideas to paper, or pixel, to create a design you and your business can be proud of.


The Fundamentals Of Our Austin Logon Design Team

From the colors, to the shape, to the words - every element of a logo design says something about your brand. Creating a single image that will stick in the minds of your customers and conjure up all the right ideas about your business is a big challenge, which is why we stick to a number of logo design fundamentals to help guide the way.


As a creative team, we certainly appreciate the power of a good visual, but not if we can’t understand the meaning behind it. Our logos look the part, but they’re also targeted, purposeful and tell a clear story about your brand. Rather than showing off with fonts, colors and the latest design elements, we focus on creating an image that will appeal to your target audience and tell them more about your business.


Clarity and simplicity are at the heart of truly effective logo design. The mistake most designers make is creating a logo that contains too much information. The best logo designs are classic, simple and easy to understand. A pared-back image will communicate much more about your business and convey an image of professionalism, confidence and strength.


In the fast-paced online world, visual literacy is more important than ever before, and if your logo is not memorable, you risk being forgotten. A logo is nothing more than a symbol people use to instantly recognize your brand. That’s why our logos contain basic elements that can be easily recalled rather than being overly stylized and fussy, which makes them easy to dismiss.


An effective logo must have multiple iterations for use on different publications, products and platforms that are all clearly identifiable to the user. Our logo designers in Austin build flexibility into every image we create, ensuring they:

  • Can be used over images
  • Can have a tagline attached to them
  • Are equally effective when small or large
  • Include an icon version, if required, for websites and mobile devices
  • Look the part on product labels


It’s essential that your logo is an accurate representation of your business or product and has a meaning that’s distinctly you. This is how we use design elements to tell your unique story:

  • Powerful: Geometric shapes
  • Traditional/sophisticated: Serif wordmarks
  • Caring/warm: Organic lines
  • Trendy and fun: Illustrations
  • Approachable: Shapes that touch
  • Edgy: Initial lettering


We create logos that stand the test of time. Using the latest fonts or on-trend design elements might seem like a good idea at the time, but as soon as they fall out of fashion, your brand will look dated and old. Our business logo design team incorporates tried and tested design principles to protect your investment and keep your brand relevant over the longer-term.

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What Does Your Brand Mean?

Before we can start the logo design process, we need to get to grips with your brand. You may have branding documents already in place, which is fantastic, but if not, you need to think about what your brand stands for and how you want to be perceived by your customers. This process is something our Austin logo design team will happily help you with. For example, is your brand:

  • Masculine or feminine?

  • High-end or economical?

  • Reserved or outspoken?

  • Sophisticated or playful?

  • Classic or trendy?

  • Youthful or mature?

Once you’ve built up a picture of your brand, we can create a logo you’ll love and your target market will recognize and respond to.

Not Sure If Logo Design In Austin, Texas, Is Right For You?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have a host of different ways we can increase traffic, engage customers and boost your conversions online. Take a look at our social media management, PPC & AdWords, web design and SEO services in Austin and get in touch with our team today.

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