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In the right hands, email marketing is an immensely powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. You can send personalized messages directly to new and existing customers that compel them to take action for a tiny fraction of the cost of other online marketing channels. But given the incredible benefits, why is it that so few companies use email marketing properly? Probably because they’re not working with the best email marketing company in Austin.

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Unbeatable Conversion Rates At A Fraction Of The Price

If you’ve just searched for ‘email marketing companies near me’, then you’ve no doubt heard about the tremendous potential of email marketing to deliver the highest conversion rate of all the digital marketing channels at the lowest cost. That, in our opinion, makes it the most effective form of marketing available to your business, and one it’s high time you started to use properly.

At Regex SEO, we work with a diverse range of businesses in Austin and the surrounding areas, creating email marketing campaigns that new and existing customers actually want to read. Why? Well, unlike most of the other business emails that land in your inbox, our email marketing experts create emails that deliver genuine value to your customers. That includes personalized promotions, special offers and inside information about the products we know they are interested in.

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Our Austin Email Marketing Strategy

The key to creating an email marketing campaign that delivers results is to put a long-term strategy in place. The first step is to segment your audience based on who those prospective customers are, what appeals to them and what stage they’re at in the sales funnel. We can then create targeted messages that speak specifically to those customers that will be opened, read and acted upon. Once our Austin email marketing team have set up targeted campaigns for each of your customer segments, we can then keep your business well fed with a continuous stream of leads.

With over 275 billion emails sent every day, we create emails that cut through the noise and get your business noticed for all the right reasons. To do this, we used tried and tested techniques that include:

Segmenting Your Recipients

Every subscriber has their own relationship with your brand, so it’s essential that you cater to their unique needs. The best way to segment an audience depends on the specific business. However, information such as their position in the sales funnel, demographic data and previous email engagement are all factors we will consider. Once we’ve segmented your audience in a way that will optimize your email success, we’ll then engage our specialist email writers to create unique messaging that targets specific customers and generates the best possible return for you.

Personalizing The Message For Every Reader

Long gone are the days when one-size-fits-all email messaging generated results. These days, modern consumers want to feel like every interaction with a brand has been tailored specifically to them. In short, you need to make them feel special. One of the simplest ways to create a personalized email for every single person on your mailing list is to us their name. At Regex SEO, our email marketing consultants in Austin use custom-built systems which allow us to include personalized customer information in emails so you can reach humans, and not just inboxes. The result is higher open rates, read rates and conversions.

Incorporating Best Practice Elements Of Responsive Design

60% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. So why then, are more than 30% of Austin’s email marketing campaigns not compatible with small screens? It doesn’t make sense. At Regex SEO, our email coders, designers and marketers work tirelessly to make sure your email looks just as a great on a mobile phone as it would on a tablet, laptop or PC. With so much competition out there for your customers’ attention, you can’t afford to deliver messages they can’t access properly or read. That’s why we work tirelessly to deliver beautifully designed emails with carefully crafted, data-driven messages which are created using the latest responsive code.

Email Marketing Services To Help Your Business Grow

Done right, email marketing is a quick and incredibly cost-effective way to engage your customers, build a community and turn prospects into sales. However, there are a number of common traps local Austin businesses fall into that cause their campaigns to fail. That’s why it’s best you work with a specialist team.

Whether you want to try email marketing for the first time or are currently running a campaign that’s not generating results, we’re the email marketing agency in Austin to call. We will handle the process all the way from segmentation through to the measurement and reporting of results, so you can grow your business in the quickest possible time.


Not Sure If Email Marketing Is The Right Service For You?

Our email marketing success rates speak for themselves. However, that doesn’t mean email marketing is necessarily the right marketing channel for you. Take a look at our social media management, PPC & AdWords, SEO and web design services in Austin to see if they could be a better fit for your particular goals.

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