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Graphic Design Services That Make Your Business Stand Out

In today’s highly visual world, businesses and brands in every industry have to be more than just products and words. Images and art are more important than ever before, helping you communicate what your brand is, what it stands for and what makes it different. As a boutique team of graphic designers in Austin, TX, we have helped 100s of businesses do just that. We design websites, posters and digital ads that tell powerful stories and differentiate your brand.

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Bring Your Graphic Design To The Next Level

Graphic design is much more than just something to make your online and offline marketing materials look nice. As humans, we’re hardwired to remember and respond emotionally to visuals in a different way to words. That makes professional graphic design an incredibly powerful branding and marketing tool.

A study by the Design Council found that every $100 a business spends on design increases its turnover by $225.

Visual appeal can be assessed by people in just 50 milliseconds. If your design doesn’t tick the right boxes, your brand will be instantly forgotten and prospective customers will go elsewhere.

Studies have shown that 65 percent of people are visual learners. Your customers will understand the concepts and information you’re trying to convey more clearly if you use visual aids.

What does all that mean? Well, if you haven’t been making design an important part of your online and offline marketing efforts, now’s the time to talk to our Austin graphic design team.

We’re As Versatile As Our Clients Are Varied

At Regex SEO, we offer an exceptional graphic design service to clients across a wide range of sectors in Austin and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a startup business, an established corporate client, a charity or a school, we can provide a full range of graphic design services that deliver results.

Whether you want us to create a logo that resonates with your customer base, print materials to make you look the part offline or an infographic that helps you tell a compelling story, we’re the dedicated team to call. Every design we produce across digital, print and branding is completely tailored to meet your specific brief. We also create multiple mock-ups of each design so you can choose the perfect fit for your brand.


A Full-Service Graphic Design Team

Your business is one of a kind, so we create graphic designs that are just as unique as you are. Whatever you need, whether it’s a banner ad that gets clicks or print materials that make your business look irresistible on paper, we’re the Austin graphic design agency to call. These are just a few of our graphic design options:

Logo Design

Whether it’s text, graphics or a combination of the two, our logos create a positive and lasting impression and tell your customers more about who you are and what you do. We use the latest software to create logos in a range of color palettes, formats and sizes so you have the perfect design for every occasion.


We create attention-grabbing infographics for presentations, web and print. Good graphic design can bring visually unappealing information to life, with infographics receiving three times more shares online than other media types. We design data visualizations, timelines, flowcharts and comparisons so you can tell your story in an engaging and easily digestible way.

Banner Ads

If you want to drive traffic and leads to your website with an online advertising campaign, our Austin graphic designers can create banner ads that cut through the noise and encourage the clicks you crave. We design static and dynamic banner ads that look just as appealing on any screen size.

Long-Form Content

Newsletters, business reports and eBooks all have an important part to play in informing and engaging prospective customers and helping your business become an authority in its field. We help you create long-form content that shows your business at its best and keeps your readers coming back for more.


No matter how intelligently they’re designed, online marketing materials can be easily closed with a single click. Print materials, whether it’s an eye-catching business card or a brochure prospective customers can flick through, are all the more memorable, particularly when they’re designed by our team.

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With You Every Step Of The Way

We don’t just stop at the design of your online and offline materials. Our Austin graphic designers provide support throughout the process, from concept through to completion. Every client is unique and nobody knows your business or your customers better than you. That’s why we work with you closely to create designs that speak volumes about your business.

Once we’ve completed the design phase, we will work with you, if necessary, to bring them to life. We can manage your pay-per-click campaign to make sure your new banner ads get the attention they deserve, or liaise with professional printers and advise on special printing features to make sure you receive the perfect finished product.

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