Brand Development

You only have one chance to give a good first impression. Your company branding is a promise to you customer of what is to be expected when doing business with you. Your branding is not so much who you are, but what your clients perceive you to be.

Is your product or service a luxury ticket item or an economical solution? Are your customers college students or retirement age seniors. All of this affects the looks, feel and flow of your branding, logo, website and print media. A group of litigation attorney should have a different branding strategy than an ice cream shop.

Consistency through out

A brand is only as consistent as it's implementation. Regex SEO takes a targeted approach to its brand positioning, channeling the design process to the web experience. Our designers work hand in hand with our marketers and writers to ensure that the concept is intuitive and flows naturally. By working together with our client, we can plan, prioritize and implement the various elements of your brand strategy so you remain focused on your mission and message.

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Creative Collaboration

Most agencies develop branding and advertising from a single point of view. These marketers focus strictly on the product or service while disregarding the opportunity to achieve an emotional response from the consumer. Everything from the website, business cards and advertising to the message on the phone system is developed through the consumer's eyes and is meant to engage and leave a lasting impression. Our marketing professional will brainstorm with you in efforts to understand your clientele ensuring that your brand is recognizable and memorable yet unique.

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