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Your logo is the most important element of branding that you’ll ever create, so it’s essential you get it right. At Regex SEO, our logo designers in Houston, Texas, know that you need more than just a nicely designed logo; you need a design that reflects the culture and ethos of your brand, something that is undeniably and distinctly you.


Creating Vital Touchpoints For Your Business

Our logo designers in Houston have the experience and expert eye necessary to create a logo that sets you apart from the crowd. They say a picture paints a thousand words. With the help of our boutique logo design team, you can be sure your logo will speak to the absolute quality of your business.

Our Houston logo design team has achieved outstanding results for everything from newly formed startups to some of the most established companies in Texas. We can design a full range of touchpoints for your customers and clients. That includes everything from company, website, social media and print logo design to stationery design. Basically, everything you need to make a memorable mark on your customers.

It’s All About You

The creative logo designers here at Regex SEO work closely with our clients, discussing your requirements and listening to what makes your business tick before anything is committed to paper or pixel. We also need to know where the logo will appear and who you expect to see it. Only once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements can the creative process begin. When it’s time to get started, our designers will concentrate on creating a logo that will act as a recognizable calling card for your business, rather than proving how clever we are with different fonts and felt tip pens!

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The Essence of Good Logo Design

Trying to create a single symbol that serves as an effective visual manifestation of everything that’s good about your business is a big ask. Thankfully, there are a number of guiding principles our Houston logo design team follow to make sure we hit the mark.


Great logo design is borne out of two things: simplicity and clarity. It’s easy to get carried away and try to incorporate everything that’s great about your business in one image, but keeping things simple is a much better approach to take. A simple, pared-back logo conveys strength, provides assurance and is memorable. Overly complex logos rarely convey professionalism and confidence and will often leave the audience feeling confused about what you do.


Our logo design team in Houston, TX, appreciates the power of a cool visual more than most, but they also work to create something which is targeted and purposeful and sends a clear message about what your brand can offer, both in terms of service and value. For example, color is tremendously powerful, but rather than settling for your favorite colors, we think carefully about the colors that will appeal to your target audience and what those colors say about you.


Business logos are likely to be used across a range of different mediums, from business cards and brochures to websites, social media platforms and potentially even something as large as a billboard. A well-designed logo should look its best whatever size, color or orientation it’s displayed in. You can rest assured that anything our Houston logo designers create will maintain its integrity across all format types.


It’s fine to research other logos for inspiration, but as soon as you start to intimate them, all sense of your business will be lost. Your logo should set you apart and be unmistakably yours. If it allows your business to be confused with another brand or is too much like everything else out there, you’ll lose any hope of getting noticed.


A good logo should be easily recalled after just a quick glance. That’s easier said than done, but that’s why our logo designers in Houston earn the big bucks! Realistically, a glance is all your logo is going to get from most people, so it should stand for something singular and contain basic elements that can be easily recalled. A logo that’s fussy, has too many parts or is overly stylized will take too long to ‘get’ and be quickly dismissed.


When you’re spending money on a new logo, the last thing you want is to have to give it an expensive and time-consuming overhaul just a few years down the line. Using the latest style or font might seem like a good idea at the time, but those are exactly the type of design elements that will quickly become dated. At Regex SEO, our Houston logo design team create timeless designs that adhere to tried and tested design principles to protect your investment.

Getting To Know Your Houston Brand

Before our logo designers in Houston can really get to grips with your brand, it’s important you spend a bit of time thinking about what your brand stands for and how it’s perceived by your customers. If you’re starting from square one, there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to better understand your brand:

  • Is your brand masculine or feminine?
  • Playful or sophisticated?
  • Outspoken or reserved?
  • Economical or high-end?
  • Trendy or classical?
  • Youthful or mature?

Once you have an answer to those questions, get in touch with our Houston logo design team and we can create a design that means something. Although a logo can never represent everything your business is or wants to be, we can create a symbol that says something unique that your target market will respond to.

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