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Tap into the potential of Social Media Marketing — it's one of the best ways to connect your business with billions of users across the world. We can develop strategies, manage accounts, and put you in front of a whole new audience.


Be where people spend time

There's a reason social networks like Facebook and YouTube are worth billions of dollars. People spend absurd amounts of time on them. The average consumer time on social media worldwide is over 2 hours, and that's a lot of online exposure. Social Media Marketing allows your brand to have a consistent presence in the minds of consumers. This is a marketing opportunity that absolutely can't be ignored.

The award winning social media team at Regex SEO specializes in creating a genuine relationship with audiences, which promotes engagement and interaction with your brand. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what type of content will have the most impact across each social network. Whether we post organically to an existing audience, or advertise to attract a new audience, our Houston social media marketing company is ready to help your brand reach new heights.

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Management Vs. Advertising

There are a number of ways to get exposure for brands and businesses on social networks. The main differentiating factor is how content is delivered. Every social network has room for posting organic content, where you can interact with an existing audience that has already expressed interest. Then there's paid advertising. That's the process of creating ad campaigns, making commercials, and boosting the organic posts to new audiences that might not be familiar with your business. Both can be incredibly effective methods for building audiences and relationships, whether you're marketing to your local patrons in Houston, or someone halfway around the globe.

When is Social Media Management most effective?

As a Houston social media management company, we believe now is the best time to invest in social media marketing. It's an affordable way to get your message directly to your audience. A successful social media management strategy has 3 key features:

Unique Content

Creating great content that provides value for your audience is extremely important. Whether it's information or entertainment, Regex SEO ensures that your brand is associated with value.



Your brand should have someone dedicated to engaging with the audience generated by your social presence. Responding to your followers can drive engagement and overall traffic in a positive way.


Audience Growth

By interacting on other pages, you can grow you audience and attract new followers. When you have someone engaging consistently across multiple online communities, there's a potential for impressive growth in your base audience because you're meeting them where they spend time.


Social media management is extremely effective when you put the right time and strategy in place. To receive a free consultation on social strategy, you can fill out our contract form here or call us to learn a bit more.

When is Social Media Advertising most effective?

Given the nature of ads, social media advertising companies have a lot to consider, but there's also plenty of opportunity if you start building a strategy now. With social media advertising, you can target specific audience groups with your content and engagement. Being able to advertise directly to specific age groups, income levels, and user interests, or areas with so much accuracy is an incredibly valuable resource. When it comes to planning a social media advertising campaign in Houston or abroad, there are a few things that take priority:


Having attractive graphics and videos for your advertising campaign is extremely important. It drives interaction and gets users to engage with your ads.


Ad Copy

Writing copy that ensures your ads stick with your audience takes creativity and experience. Working with a social media advertising team can streamline the process by employing professional writers to take care of generating copy.



Where the user ends up after clicking an ad is critical. Your landing page has to be consistent with the ad messaging and open the door for users to take action on your offer. The whole idea is to convert interest into action.


Interested in launching a new social media advertising campaign for your new brand? Reach out to one of our consultants here and see what Regex SEO can build for you!

The Bottom Line on Social Media Marketing

At the end of the day, social media is too rich a space to ignore. With the opportunity to market directly to specific audiences and interact with your key user base, it's something every company should take advantage of in some regard. Have you ever wondered how your customers feel about a certain service? Are you interested in figuring out how your audience is actually interacting with your product or business? You can find out.

As one of the top Houston social media marketing agencies, Regex SEO is happy to offer a free strategy consultation for businesses looking to expand their social presence online. We want to hear more about you and your business, so we can help you reach your customers more effectively.

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