Tap into the power of social media marketing with the help of Regex SEO and connect your business to millions of potential customers around the world. As one of the leading social media marketing companies in Houston, we can manage accounts and develop strategies that put your business in front of the people that matter.

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Social networks like Facebook and YouTube are not worth billions of dollars by chance. According to a recent survey, the average consumer spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media every single day. That gives businesses with a social media presence unprecedented opportunities for exposure. Working with a leading social media marketing team allows your brand to have a consistent and engaging presence across the social media platforms so you can make new connections and nurture relationships with existing customers. Whatever you think of social media in your personal life, in business, it really matters!

At Regex SEO, we deliver an award-winning range of social media marketing services in Houston to help businesses large and small create genuine relationships with audiences, promote engagement and boost interaction with their brand. We know exactly what type of content will have the most impact on each social platform and across a diverse range of industries. Whether we advertise to attract a new audience or post organically to your existing customer base, our social media experts will help your business soar.


Social Media Management Vs. Advertising

There are many different ways to get exposure on social media marketing networks in Houston, across the United States and around the world. We think the main factor to consider is how the content is delivered. Every social network allows you to post organic content and paid adverts. Both can be great ways to build audiences and relationships, and as one of the leading social media marketing companies in Houston, we’re experts at both.

When Is Social Media Management in Houston Most Effective?

Now is a great time to invest in social media management. Not only is it an affordable way to deliver your message directly to your audience, but it also provides unrivaled engagement on your customers’ terms. A successful social media management strategy has 3 key elements:

Unique Houston Content

Creating great content that provides value for your audience is the foundation of every successful social media campaign. However you want to make your mark, our Houston social media marketing team produces informative and entertaining content that existing and new followers want to view and engage with.


Engage Houston Locals

You don’t need us to tell you just how crowded it is out there, with brands from around the world all vying for just a few seconds of your target audience’s time. That’s why you need to work with a social media agency that has a track record of producing engaging content that cuts through all that noise. Engaging and interacting with your followers in the right way can be hugely beneficial for your business.


Houston Audience Growth

Increasing your audience on social media platforms takes time, but when you have the know-how of one of the leading social media marketing companies in Houston behind you, you’ll be surprised by just how quickly you can grow. Hanging out and contributing to the pages where your audience spend their time and engaging consistently across multiple online communities provides unlimited potential for growth.


Some social media marketing companies in Houston dive straight in before they have put a cohesive, consistent and engaging social media marketing strategy in place. In our experience, social media management can be extremely effective, but only if you take the time to create an effective strategy first. To receive a free social media strategy consultation, just fill out our contact form or give us a call.

When Is Social Media Advertising in Houston Most Effective?

Given the nature of ads, social media agencies in Houston certainly have a lot to consider. With a social media advertising campaign, you can be very specific about the audience groups you want to target. You can advertise directly to particular age groups, income levels, user interests and much more with an incredible amount of accuracy. That makes it a very powerful tool. When it comes to planning a social media advertising campaign in Houston or abroad, there are certain elements of your campaign that must take priority:


The online world is extremely visual. People don’t want to spend their time reading. Instead, they’d much rather look at attractive graphics and watch videos that impart that same information in a visually appealing and engaging way. Including graphics and videos is an incredibly effective way to drive interaction with your ads.


Ad Copy

Writing advertising copy that captures the attention of your audience quickly takes creativity and skill. Writing compelling copy is one of the key social media marketing services we provide to businesses in Houston and beyond. We employ professional writers to streamline the process and create the sort of copy that entices people to click.



Where the user is taken to after clicking on your ad is critical to the success of your campaign. The landing page must be consistent with the ad messaging and give users an easy way to act on your offer and convert their interest into action. Creating landing pages for your social media ads is another service our social media experts in Houston can take care of for you.


Do you want to launch a social media advertising campaign for your brand? Get in touch with our social media marketing agency in Houston here to see what we can build for you!

The Bottom Line On Social Media Marketing in Houston

Love it or loathe it, social media is too rich a space to ignore. It gives you an opportunity to market directly to specific audiences and interact with key customer groups on their level. Importantly, it encourages a two-way conversation, which, if managed well, can be an incredibly effective way to build brand loyalty and trust.

As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Houston, we are happy to offer a free strategy consultation to show you how we could expand your social presence online. We want to hear more about you and your brand so we can use the power of social to take your business to the next level!

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