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As SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, our mission is to help Houston businesses increase their online visibility. Our SEO services are custom developed to help you gain website traffic and conversions through tried-and-true strategies. For us, SEO isn’t just about ranking, it’s about building relevant and sustainable traffic across every available marketing channel.

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Optimized Local SEO in Houston =
Bigger Customer Base

As of 2019, Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. As Houston grows, so does the consumer base. And it’s not slowing down, new businesses pop up in Houston everyday, and that means SEO is getting more and more competitive.

Investing in a dedicated team of Houston SEO specialists further ensures that you stay competitive now while catering to the future clients that only organic traffic can bring. Regex SEO’s first step in developing your SEO strategy is calculating market potential in Houston. In doing this, we will provide you with data that shows monthly search volume, cost per click, and difficulty to rank given keywords.

As a trusted Houston SEO company and Google Partner, Regex SEO continues to develop streamlined processes to gather all relevant data and further optimize each individual campaign for the maximum traffic and conversions.

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Local SEO For Houston, Texas

When approaching SEO, many companies are thinking on a national level. Our SEO experts found that gathering and maintaining a local and organic audience first is key to growth outside of your locality. Local search engine optimization is simple when three key components are laid out-

Content: High quality content is the heart of a successful local SEO strategy. Your website’s content is key to building trust with organic visitors and turing that visit into a lead. What does that process look like? First, we audit your current content. Then our Houston SEO experts will research your industry to find what keyphrases must get targeted. From that point it will be a collaboration of your expertise and our talented writers to deliver content that converts your organic traffic.

Outreach: Content won’t help you reach your goals all on its own, that’s why our SEO experts employ a Houston-targeted and personalized outreach strategy. We have in-house outreach specialists that generate buzz-worthy content for your site, while also collaborating with related niches, all to ultimately drive referral traffic and generate high quality backlinks.

Website Code Optimization: Month to month, our SEO experts will be monitoring the health of your website and further optimizing it for improved user experience. From a content management platform to custom websites, best coding practices must be implemented. This not only improves website speed and usability, this is also a direct signal for improving your website’s Google rankings.

For Regex SEO, local SEO means getting your website to the first page and keeping it there. Using our data-driven and proven SEO strategies, we provide you with clear-cut evidence that this strategy will help you business gain substantial growth.

Houston SEO Services That Drive Exponential Growth

Regex SEO doesn’t believe in a one size fits all SEO plan. Many other Houston SEO firms will lock you down in a long, automated contract. Regex SEO is geared towards a personalized approach that takes our proven SEO strategies, your marketing investment, and sets KPI’s to maximize the value of your investment.

Regex SEO strives for transparency with our clients, and this is shown in every stage of our services.

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Our Houston SEO experts will start by exploring your industries’ top products and services. During this process, we will begin to uncover potential opportunities for growth. All of this serves to further develop the foundation of your Houston SEO strategy.

Stage 1

Website Health Analysis

High performing websites mean better conversions on your website traffic. Our SEO experts will diagnose and evaluate your site based on three factors: search engine visibility, user experience, and conversion optimization. Understanding these processes is key as it also helps us understand how they will contribute to your website’s growth.

Stage 2

Keyword Research

Based on the research we do, and what we discover, our Houston SEO experts will create a list of keywords/keyphrases that will be incorporated into an extensive content strategy. Through this, we’ll identify monthly search volume potential and calculate the investment needed to overcome your competitors.

Stage 3

Content Map Generation

Following the keyword research, our team of Houston SEO experts will generate a content map. This map visualizes potential pages needed to target more specific keywords/keyphrases, while also showing current pages that require new content to begin ranking.

Stage 4

Custom Plan of Execution

To launch your Houston SEO campaign, we gather all the research and data procured during stages 1 through 4. Then we create a goal-driven SEO marketing plan that ensures more lead generation, a healthier website, and most importantly higher rankings.

Stage 5

Generate More Profit With Houston SEO

SEO is an investment for any company, and like many investments, it takes time to reach fruition.

With businesses in Houston popping up left and right, you might feel like you missed the train to dominating the first page of Google. The interesting thing is, many industries still have not invested in a local SEO strategy. And just because it might be difficult or competitive, does not mean our Houston SEO experts can’t get you there.

The reason we keep our Houston SEO clients ahead of all their competitors is because we practice what we preach, dynamic campaigns that devote equal time to content and outreach. Our SEO experts work with our clients and partners, day after day, to insure that they are getting a high return on their investment.

While we believe doing SEO in Houston is beneficial, it’s always important to decide what’s right for your own Houston business. Not sure if a Houston SEO strategy is right for you? Get in touch, and we’ll use data driven keyword research to determine if SEO is the right marketing strategy for you.

What If Houston SEO Is Not Right For Me?

Sometimes, the budget doesn’t align with the keyword difficulty, resulting in marketing budgets that would not be optimal for ROI. The good news is that there are a variety of marketing channels to invest in, which can later help fund a full fledged Houston SEO campaign. We have seen huge ROI in our social media marketing, social media advertising, pay per click marketing and email marketing.

Has Your Business Been Burned By An “SEO Company”?

With SEO constantly changing, and SEO companies often promising big returns but ultimately underdelivering, people often associate SEO with being an underperforming marketing channel. The data says otherwise, an SEO company has the power to take your business to the next level. That being said, there are always red flags when researching a Houston SEO company to invest in:

  • They promise you first page rankings in a short time frame
  • They offer a plan, but don’t have data or research to back it up
  • They don’t report on performance, or go over any form of analytics

We are an SEO company that is realistic and transparent when it comes to delivering to our partners. We gather the data, analyze competitors that are successfully running an Houston SEO campaign, and create an SEO strategy tailored for your Houston business.

Our goal is to work as your dedicated marketing arm. During a campaign, we are still SEO consultants, and will continue to advise you when opportunities present themselves, in or out of budget restrictions. We will communicate with you on what sort of investment needs to be made to be able to actively compete with your Houston SEO competitors. Along the way you will have access to all research and reports that happen on a monthly basis.

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What It Takes For A Successful Houston SEO Campaign

Transparency with our Houston SEO clients

SEO isn’t an overnight job. It takes a team of SEO experts, content writers and outreach specialists. This makes building out an SEO campaign expensive. Regex SEO believes in transparency with our clients and partners, that’s why we set realistic expectation, create a detailed, goal-oriented plans, and provide detailed reporting. We are here as SEO consultants to help you make the best possible marketing decisions, while educating you on how we came to the conclusion we did.

Scientific Houston-based Keyword Research

Personally tailored keyword research is the foundation for a successful SEO campaign. We target keywords that will bring the best and most relevant users to your site. If you’re a brick-and-mortar Houston company, we will do intelligence research into optimizing content and research to target high value consumers. If you’re not brick-and-mortar and solely online, we will develop local and national keyword research, so we can better understand where to target first.

Monthly Technical SEO

Many websites aren’t coded with Google best practices in mind. That’s why we audit the site everyday, and make adjustments where needed. We optimize and update the site to adjust to Google’s ever adapting algorithms and strict guidelines. There are hundreds of signals that Google uses to measure your site, some include: fast load times, structured code, creating converting metadata, image optimization and much more.

Localized Houston Content

Regex SEO has a team of in-house writers that exclusively produce high quality content. Creating content that engages local readers and converts them into a valuable lead is key to every Houston SEO campaign we create. We have a streamlined process to integrate your voice and expertise into every single page. Once the content is approved and posted, we will continue to test and manage each individual page, where we strive to further grow an audience for each piece of content.

User-Friendly Design and Development

The moment a visitor comes to your site, you should instill trustworthiness and a sense of direction. Our team of designers are experts in optimizing a websites’ design to emphasize trust and usability. With creative and functional design, you can funnel site visitors into potential leads and in turn maximize your marketing ROI. With user focused web development, we can code a website that loads fast, is intuitive, and promotes increased rankings.

Pages That Create Conversions

Every visitor to your site is a potential lead. Having strategic CTAs (Call To Actions) that engage the targeted Houston audience keeps potential leads from being lost. Regex SEO creates landing pages that are well designed, user friendly, and use strategically placed CTAs to convert the most visitors possible.

Localized Outreach For Houston

Links and referral traffic are one of the biggest signals for improved rankings with search engines. When creating an outreach strategy, we look for every opportunity for your brand to collaborate with related niches. We search for every opportunity to make sure your voice is heard on the most relevant platforms. All this while making sure that each of these opportunities drive converting traffic to your Houston business. All this translates not only into better rankings, but increased brand awareness.

Engaged Houston Social Media Audience

Social media is a huge influence in our lives, and it would make sense that it also influences the success of any marketing campaign. There are countless social media platforms, and your industry will depend on which platform is best for you. We create custom social media strategies that target your Houston audience, keep them engaged, increase awareness and ultimately get the best possible returns on your social media marketing investment.

Patience and Persistence

Investing in a Houston SEO campaign takes time, it’s not an overnight investment. Our campaigns take time, no matter the amount of investment. Based off that investment, we will create realistic goals and benchmarks. This will not be something you hand to us and we come back a year later with data and results. This will be ongoing and collaborative, with us presenting you the data on a month-to-month basis, and adjusting the SEO campaign where needed. We are your marketing arm, and we strive to work as if we were a part of your team.

Monitoring Success Of A Houston SEO Campaign

If you can think of it, we are tracking it. If you can’t prove success, it didn’t happen. We take that to heart here at Regex SEO. Every bit of data is tracked, analyzed, and optimized for each Houston SEO campaign. As Houston SEO experts, we use every tracking tool at our disposal, and we’ve found it’s always worth the cost. Monitoring the success of a campaign helps us create strategies that make business boom.


Work With An Award Winning Houston SEO Company

Regex SEO is a full-service SEO Company. As veteran SEO consultants, we work with our clients to show them the full scope of their marketing potential and the best plan of execution moving forward. It’s crucial for your site to be optimized the day it’s launched, but if that’s not the case, we are here to help.