PPC & AdWords Management

Regex SEO PPC (pay per click) experts will set up a strategy that will drive highly targeted traffic, leads and conversions. Our PPC campaigns are designed to maximize lead generation and sales while minimize advertising cost per conversion. Our PPC managers are trained, certified, and have a background in analysis, statistics and economics. Our Google Adwords certification shows that we have advanced knowledge and skill using Adwords and Google’s many other advertising opportunities.

Regex SEO 5 Step PPC Process

We identify the keywords with the highest potential to convert prospects into your customers. Other areas of our initial research include, PPC Audits and competitive analysis.
Regex SEO will create and implement a detailed Pay Per Click strategy that outlines business goals and measurable conversions. Then we’ll determine which keywords will bring the highest conversion rate for the lowest investment.
Landing Pages
Statistics show that Pay Per Click campaigns utilizing landing pages show an average of 30% more conversions than those without. Regex SEO creates, optimizes and develops your landing pages with strong call to actions to be optimal for conversions.
Our Google certified PPC experts monitor and makes changes to your campaign both short and long term based on performance. We will make adjustments to keywords, CTR ( click through rates ) landing pages and the ad based on ongoing trends.
Regex SEO provides reports on average cost of clicks, average positioning, ranking and conversion rate. All our consulting and reporting is conducted in plain English.

What makes PPC so special

The success of an Adwords campaign is measured ultimately by conversions, sales and your bottom line. PPC campaigns are the fastest way to increase traffic to your website. Contact Us to learn more or to launch your Adwords campaign today.

Unlike any other type of advertising, paid search advertising does not have any budget or contract-length limits - no minimum, no maximum. It solely depends on you, your company’s goals, and your budget. You set the budget - we get the maximum out of it!
There is no challenge in knowing the keyphrases you would like to show up for. What makes Regex SEO different from other PPC companies is that we identify the best keywords with the highest potential to convert prospects into your customers. Our Paid Search managers are trained, certified, and have a background in analysis, statistics and economics.
It might seem an easy task to write an ad text; however, to achieve great results great efforts are needed. Our certified staff will write compelling ad copies to attract, pre-qualify and convert online searchers.
Regex SEO can provide detailed reporting on where your website visitors come from and how they interact with your ads and your website. They can identify the the PPC campaign characteristics that need improvement in optimization to bring more visitors, more conversions, and ultimately more sales.
Your ad is like a welcoming message to your magnificent palace. But what if after you enter, you find an unappealing shack? We will make sure that your ads are supported by beautiful ad-related landing pages, which users will find hard to resist. Regex SEO we will not only create a page, but test several options to find the best possible lead-generating solution.
The relationship between search engine users and advertisers is built on trust. Advertisers rely on the relevance of the ad placement, reporting statistics, and the quality of clicks their ads receive. In turn, users rely on relevant landing pages, great user experience and awesome user interface. While Google servers provide protection, we also know you want to do whatever you can to ensure the best performance for your ads. We stay on top of monitoring traffic across Google's ad network and prevent you from paying for invalid clicks.
What is a marketing campaign without monitoring performance? We analyze every lead - phone call or form submission - to measure the true effectiveness of the created campaign strategy. Based on in-depth analysis and forecast, we will provide necessary suggestions to increase leads, lower your costs, and improve your online presence.
Buying a car does not make you a race car driver. The same goes for paid search advertising - creating a Google AdWords account does not mean you will start making money online right away. Experience, thoughtful planning, flawless execution - that is what makes a winning PPC campaign. Regex SEO specialists can help achieve this by creating an ideal strategy, specific to your business marketing campaign.