Who We Are

We are a full service digital marketing agency that is based out of Houston TX. Our company offers a boutique experience, using cutting edge design, industry best practices and reporting conducted in plain English. All our projects are developed utilizing a production line approach utilizing graphic designers, programmers, marketing experts and published writers who specialize in SEO. We invite you to come visit us so we can discuss your ideas and online business goals.

Dmitrii Kustov


Dmitrii Kustov was born in Russia. After completing his dual degrees in Applied Mathematics and IT Engineering as well as Translatology and Linguistics, Dmitrii relocated to the United States where he started his career in Digital Marketing. Over the years he has gained extensive programming experience specializing in SEO.

Dmitrii and his wife own a Dog Kennel named LeMitri’s. They have 5 dogs, 2 Caucasian Shepherds - Simba and Nala, 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgis - Gus and Belle and 1 Miniature Schnauzer - Shadow. They even have a cat named Mavis.

Alejandra Gonzales

Social Media Specialist

Alejandra Gonzales moved to Houston after working in St. Louis for a few years. Prior to joining Regex SEO, Alejandra worked in the financial field, assuring client delight and satisfaction. After playing around with the idea of marketing, she decided that a change of weather and career would be best and moved back home. Alejandra has a B.A in Economics and a B.S. in Health Policy and Administration from the Pennsylvania State University.

Tyler Stavola

Project Manager

Tyler Stavola is a recent transplant to Houston from the northeast. After gaining a degree in Interactive Digital Design from Quinnipiac University, Tyler spent 10 years working in NYC For The History Channel and A&E as a Web Designer and Ad Sales Producer. Within this time Tyler branched out and joined a startup called Unisfair as a Senior Producer where he engaged with clients and built their online events. Throughout the years Tyler has gained extensive knowledge in Internet Marketing, web design and digital production.

Tyler is happily married and has a two year old son Calvin and another one on the way. Making it a full house, Tyler is the proud owner of his yellow lab Delilah, and a semi-proud owner of his energetic over rambunctious Doberman - Helmut. When he is not strategizing projects and delivering results for clients, Tyler is at home wrestling with his son, cooking dinner, or devising ways to keep his special pet Helmut from escaping the house and exploring the neighborhood.

Sophy Sorn

Web Designer

Sophy Sorn is a native Houstonian who studied psychology and web development. She describes herself as inquisitive and enjoys collecting new knowledge through travel, reading, and interacting with diverse people. Her hobbies include drawing, hiking, traveling, cooking, and eating new food from around the globe. She is very close with her family, and enjoys telling people about her family’s amazing journey from their native homeland, Cambodia, to the United States.

When she is not pondering about the world, she likes to relax in front of the T.V. and spend time with her two cats, Butters and Leela.

Sean Boldt

Web Consultant

Sean Boldt is a self-described “gentle giant” who makes friends with everyone he meets. Award winning AMA media planner and native to the Houston area, Sean graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in radio, television, and film.

When he is not working with us, he freelances in film and television productions across the state. He enjoys keeping up with his hobbies which include jamming out on his guitar, attending local art and music festivals, reading fiction and comic books, and rough-housing with his beloved dog, Sadie.

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