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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram

By Yuv Malik on November 8, 2019

Starting up a company is really hard, especially when it comes to marketing. Thankfully Social Media is literally the best free marketing tool that anybody can possibly use, it can boost your traffic and sales by an insane amount if you use it properly, so here are a few steps to creating an amazing Social Media account, that gets loads of valuable interaction, followers as well as sales, straight from Instagram.

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How To Pitch To Instagram Influencers

By Taylor Torres on August 2, 2019

This post was selected as one of the top digital marketing articles of the week by UpCity, a B2B ratings and review company for digital marketing agencies and other marketing service providers.

If you thought Instagram was all about taking pictures of your food from about thirty different angles, you’re behind the times. So listen up, old man. Now we’re taking pictures of our food and hustlin’. 

Instagram, along with the majority of other social media platforms, has rapidly evolved from a simple social pictures platform to a thriving community of consumers, companies, and of course influencers. Sure, it’s still largely a social media platform, but not unlike Twitter and Facebook, it’s not uncommon to see major corporations or even businesses just starting out with their own Instagram account.

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Social Media Audience Guide – 2019 Edition

By Taylor Torres on May 31, 2019

Want to know how to get into your customer’s head? Do you want to literally possess your audience like a ghost in order to drive sales? We can’t help you with that. But we can tell you what your audience looks like and how they act on social media, which is kind of the same.

On our blog, we talk a lot about how great social media is for marketing. You can find audiences, build a loyal customer base, and even use social media as a platform for customer service. But how well do you really know your audience? Sure, you know they’re on Facebook and Instagram, but what are the demographics for those platforms?

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Read the Mentions: Is Social Media the New Customer Service?

By Taylor Torres on May 24, 2019

Getting in touch with customer service isn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list. Most of the time it means there’s some kind of problem, or worse, I can’t figure something out on my own. While I am a die-hard fan of hold music (“soft piano riff – 10 hour version” is my favorite), I’ve got better things to do with my day, like DM Wendy’s and hope they’ll roast me on Twitter. The point is, contacting customer service has never been the most streamlined or ideal process. So what’s the alternative? Sheepishly accepting the wrong order? Asking for help in person? Absolutely not.

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9 Instagram Tools We Can’t Live Without

By Taylor Torres on April 8, 2019


We get it – Instagram is hard. You love it, you hate it, but you need it. As a business, brand, or community, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips. It can help you reach your audience, connect with your community, and ultimately sell your products and services. So, how do we conquer it? How do we overcome the crazy Instagram algorithm and get your content in front of the right people?

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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

By Taylor Torres on March 28, 2019

With the growth of social media and public figures, the rise of the influencer has saturated social platforms and changed the way businesses are marketing their brand. “Influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method,” so it’s no wonder brands are spending less money on traditional marketing methods and are diving into the influencer platform to connect with their audiences, build trust with consumers, and preach their values.

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Get Your Business Noticed: Instagram Edition

By Taylor Torres on March 6, 2019

If you want access to a huge audience of visually driven, aesthetic loving potential customers, you’ve got to use social media. Instagram in particular is one of the best places for social media marketing and interaction because it’s a ready-made platform for colorful, digestible, and sellable posts.

For example, if you’re a flower shop, you’ve got the perfect product for something like Instagram. Floral arrangements are incredibly aesthetic on their own, or in the various places people use them, like weddings, holidays, and others. You want to make an impact on your business’ main audience? You want to update people regularly on events and news for your company, and show them what you’re selling? Instagram is a pretty great option.

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6 No-Cost Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

By Taylor Torres on January 30, 2019
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As a business owner, you need to be marketing your business where customers are looking for services like yours. Right now, that place is social media. In fact, the average person spends almost 2 hours on social media platforms every day. The most popular sites are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram.

Unlike more traditional marketing platforms, such as television, radio, and print, social media marketing is accessible to everyone. It offers low barriers to entry and low- and no-cost opportunities for sharing your products or services with a large audience.

Like any good marketing plan, your social media marketing should be based on a strategy designed to most effectively engage your target market. While you can spend a lot of money advertising on various social media sites, there are also quite a few ways you can boost your social media presence without spending a dime.

Here are 6 no-cost strategies you can use right now to boost your social media marketing.