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3 Uncommon Link Building Techniques

By Folajomi Ballo on January 10, 2020

Are you building enough quality backlinks?

As one of the highest value components of SEO, link building is a lot more critical than people imagine. And yet, a majority of SEO experts claim that it’s hard to hit the maximum potential for organic traffic without a quality link building strategy.

If you want an effective method for improving your backlinks, consider starting with some of these unique link building techniques.

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Regex SEO Guide To Marketing Part 4 — Email Marketing

By Dmitrii Kustov on December 20, 2019

Moving along in our six-part guide to better marketing internet strategy, we’ll be looking at Email Marketing and how it’s an effective marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. Previously, we covered paid ad space on search engines with PPC, and the significance of organic search channels when it comes to optimizing your campaigns and content. 

This time around, we’ll take a look at how best to use Email Marketing, things to avoid when sending out emails for business or marketing purposes, and what counts as email marketing compared to simple emails.

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5 Tips to Connect With Your Online Audience and Build a Stronger Bond

By Darcy Cudmore on December 6, 2019

How much time, commitment, and research do you invest in your customer engagement strategy?

Sadly, too many businesses fail to dedicate enough of all three in their plans. In fact, one survey revealed over 50 percent of companies have no formal customer-engagement strategy in place whatsoever. And even more companies have no idea how many consumers they have lost in the past year from lack of engagement.

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Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Running a Business Blog

By Tulip Turner on November 29, 2019

Blogging for business is an exciting foundation for most startups, especially if you want to establish yourself as an industry expert. 

It’s also a great foundation if you want to establish a reputation and earn money from your blog. Some people even make business blogging their primary source of income.

People often assume that blogging is easy, and that you simply receive a paycheck by writing stuff on the internet. While that’s half-true, the idea that it’s easy to do professional blogging is a major misconception.

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Welcome Email Strategy: 5 Things To Remember When Crafting An Email To Start A Conversation

By Vince Massara on November 15, 2019

A business’ true value lies in its email list. While it may sound a bit outdated compared to the huge advent of cloud technology and all sorts of other business tech, email is still a considerable factor in almost every business. Not to mention, a dedicated list of of potential clients or customers is something that business owners could only dream about thirty years ago.

Now it’s common for even small businesses to have an email list with hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.

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Top 5 Differences In Marketing For a B2B vs B2C Market

By Tina Dochana on October 25, 2019

What does B2B and B2C mean?

B2B (Business to Business) models consist of businesses focused on selling services to other businesses to help them support their enterprise operations and growth. For example, a company like Suzuki would need a customer relationship management system to create seamless customer support for their business, which is where HubSpot (another business) would come in and help them install and run the CRM. 

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The Importance of Building Your Brand Presence for SEO

By Matt Bassos on October 11, 2019

We’re all aware of just how far SEO strategies have come over the past five or so years. It’s easy to note when you’re trying to improve organic search visibility, from core search algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda, to the continuous smaller search improvements Google regularly implements. Search has changed.

When I first started working as an SEO manager some years ago, I used to hit high keyword rankings just like everyone else. I implemented techniques and tricks that others had employed with great success.

You could say it was still the final era of the ‘Wild West’ of SEO. But even at the beginning of my career, I could sense that a shift was coming. Google’s algorithms got smarter, more successful at weeding out artificial manipulation, and better at nailing a user’s search intent.