Every small business owner out there is aware of the importance of having a digital presence. With so many brands trying to get public attention in this landscape, you need to give people a reason to opt for you. If not, you’ll watch your significant customer base dissipate.

To stay afloat in the digital world, you would have probably reached out to multiple marketing agencies. They claim to get you atop the grid within a few weeks or enlist you in reputable directories. However, very few of them live up to their commitments and deliver the promised results.

When working on this mission of finding a relevant SEO agency, it is imperative to check out their track record. But what matters the most is their operational grounds.

Is it a Local SEO Company with a proven track record? Or is it an International Digital Marketing Agency? We recommend opting for the former if you’re a startup or a small business owner.

Tasks of Local SEO Company

Localized SEO has become somewhat a crafty skill. Over the years, search engines have shown more concern at determining the intent behind every search query.

It helps them provide tailored results relevant to an individual’s needs. As per the HubSpot marketing statistics, 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

During your discussion about SEO with a local marketing agency, you’ll find the conversation mostly revolves around site speed, quality content, and backlinks, etc.

The focal point of their effort is to get your name listed in the local chamber of ecommerce. Alongside this, it gets your details like Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) on the search grid. 


All in all, a local SEO firm throws in a few hot keywords, creates killer content, and digs up the need of your prospects. It is what a national or an international firm also does, except that the local SEO targets audience at easy access. 

How Small Business benefits by Hiring a Local SEO Company?


Here are a few perks of hiring a local SEO company that you should know:

Local knows the local

Every municipality or urban city has its specialties. Perhaps it’s a metaphor they love or the knowledge about shoppers’ preferences. Those who live and work there know these variations and preferences. 

For example, in California, if someone says, “Man, that food was so dank. I could eat it every single day,” it means they loved what they just ate! “Dank” is what they use to describe something that is beyond amazing. Do you think someone in England or Bangladesh would have the same understanding?

It is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a local SEO company. They know what jargon and strategic devices to use to attract potential customers and boost sales.

Personal Approach

Remote and multinational organizations use sophisticated algorithms to find prospective customers. But, this communication effort is deprived of interpersonal connection. You’re simply the next number in their list whom they want to entice with exciting offers. 

It is the local acknowledgment of public issues that gets you the trophy. A local SEO company makes it possible to meet potential clients in person. Physical interactions can strengthen relationships, boost productivity, and weed out misunderstandings. 

You can clear the air by discussing sensitive issues, such as high budgets, etc. Together, you can also devise a solid plan to strengthen your brand’s marketing strategy.

Gets the Word of Mouth

In modern times, businesses use several methods to communicate their message to the customers. However, word of mouth is still one of the most effective means of communication.

While giant businesses with an established reputation and global outreach like Amazon and AliExpress use several lines of communication, local companies and startups can garner a lot of goodwill through word of mouth.

A local SEO company works that out quite well. They have local clients, so it’s easy to develop a micro-network where people recommend products/services to each other.

Another possible way of reaching maximum customers is through local network events, such as the American Marketing Association. Your agency can help you get registered in programs like this and expand your customer base.

Quick Service

Unlike the big shots, local digital marketing or SEO company is only a few taps away, and they can quickly address all your concerns. Be it a technical glitch in your site or a brilliant idea for your next campaign that popped out of nowhere; you can always meet your SEO consultant to discuss it. 

Imagine you run a small business based out of Seattle, and you have hired an SEO service that is based in New York. To communicate with them on any issue, you have to schedule a meeting at a time that is suitable for both parties. It sometimes delays the work, which results in loss of revenue. 

In contrast, if you hire local SEO experts in Seattle, they will be available to you at all times, whether you want minor website glitches fixed or you want to make some changes in your newly launched social media campaign.

Maximizes your NAP

Your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are the essential tools to make SEO operational. A local SEO company understands the significance of these elements and how they pertain to your website ranking.

They help you get your site listed on platforms like Yelp, Urban Spoon, Foursquare, and Yahoo Local. Without consistent existence across these channels, your optimization efforts fall to pieces. 

Parting Thoughts – Local SEO saves the day

The explosive growth of the virtual world may seem like a doom-on-a-surfboard to local companies with a relatively little digital footprint. But on the bright side, we regularly receive information that people still prefer businesses nearby if they’re offering top-notch products or services.

Thereby, your role is to focus on finessing your website, making it highly visible for local customers. It should catch them through witty and engaging content. On the sideways, make sure it provides value to everyone who comes to your business’ website.

A local SEO consultancy makes sure you check all these boxes.

The views included in this article are entirely the work and thoughts of the author, and may not always reflect the views and opinions of Regex SEO.

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