Our founder and Internet Marketing Director, Dmitrii Kustov, is now a published author in Pages SEO Magazine!

His article “Turn Everyday Tasks Into Sustainable Website Traffic”, published on Pages SEO Magazine, helps guide readers through a process of turning everyday activities into actual content that creates website traffic. 

Here are some main points taken from the full article that help you find gems in your everyday tasks and turn them into fruitful content. 

  1. Write down every little daily routine task. If you’re a working professional, you probably spend a great deal of time working on presentations, answering emails and other tasks you probably don’t think are worthy of becoming topics for content, but that’s where you’re wrong!
  1. Search this list for “Recyclable” tasks. Things like emails, reports, slides from presentations, phone conversations and more – all this can definitely become high quality content! Separate these into categories based on what you think their potential could be. 

Could your last slides presentation become a podcast or video on your site? Could your last long email full of explanations of a certain topic become a piece of high-value content for your blog? Your day is filled with hundreds of things you could turn into content if you give it some thought.  

  1. Plan ahead! Now that you know which tasks have “recycling’ potential, plan accordingly for the next time those tasks pop up. For example, if you are designing something for a client, set up a way to screengrab/record your process. If you have a long phone call, you can record it and use it in videos and/or podcasts if appropriate. 
  1. Most importantly – share your content! Once you’ve turned those tasks into content, make sure to share that content with others. The information found within that content could help someone else, even if it’s in a niche market! We’re all at various levels in our professions, and the information you have to share could be useful to others. 
  1. You kill two birds with one stone – get your daily work done and create content at the same time! 

The full “Turn Everyday Tasks Into Sustainable Website Traffic” article delves deeper into what you can do with the activities in your lists, like your emails, repeatable research and more. This article gives you all the information you need to start producing quality content for your blog from mundane tasks, and soon, you’ll be able to see the extra potential in every task you do!

If you’re already turning your daily to-do list into a viable content for your website that can help other professionals, but are having troubles figuring out the content marketing strategy, get in touch with us, we would love to share our insights with you!

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