Looking for ways to drive ecommerce sales? If yes, then you might want to focus on improving your website traffic.

Let’s consider the sportswear giant Nike.

The brand’s Nike Football page on Facebook alone has 44 million followers, and its primary Instagram account boasts of 92 million followers, making it the most followed brand. 

What are they doing right? Apart from implementing other top marketing strategies, their SEO strategy is exceedingly effective.

SEO is not only responsible for making your e-commerce website noticeable to the world, but it can open up ways to increase your traffic and revenue.

Here are some effective ecommerce SEO tips that will help boost your traffic and drive sales:

1. Write unique product descriptions

When you write a powerful product description, you can move your customers through your sales funnel. Bring in creativity and write about the product benefits to help convert the casual browser. 

The majority of the buyers indeed make their purchase decision after looking at the product photo. Still, the product description can bridge the gaps to decide whether or not the product is right for the customer.

However, ensure that each product description is unique. If you duplicate any description, it can negatively affect your website ranking.

Though the products may be the same, it will vary in color, dimension, and so on. So, write a unique product description for each product, although the difference is trivial.

Also, note that even Google is biased toward long-form content and ranks them better. It goes for ecommerce websites as well. 

That’s why stretching your product description to maximum keywords would be a great idea. 

2. Emphasize on user-generated content

Reviews and feedback that come for free can not only be used for improving your products, but it can assist other customers while making their purchase decision.

It can help achieve the same goal as ads, or in some cases, it is more effective. In a survey, 71% of people of different demographics cited that they wish to see more social proof from the brands they shop from. 

The customer-centric ecommerce giant Amazon is on point with its UGC. No wonder it is flourishing.

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UGC is especially crucial if your target audience is the younger generation as they tend to rely a great deal on feedback when considering buying from a brand.

In a study, 84% of Millennials said that UGC has at least some influence on the products they purchase, while 86% deem that UGC usually indicates whether or not a brand, service, or product is good.

The same study found that Millennials trust UGC three times more than the information they find on a company website or news articles. They also trust UGC eight times more than traditional advertising.

So to see the success of your ecommerce SEO, emphasize on UGC. It promotes engagement as well as builds trust that automatically leads to driving sales.

3. Align your SEO strategy with your email marketing campaigns

The end goal of both SEO and email marketing is lead generation.

Both attract targets to a website with the aim of converting them. But often, they are utilized as separate marketing strategies. 

You can align these strategies by ensuring whatever you write is able to be utilized within both emails and website content.

So what are the best practices to merge these two strategies and drive results?

Focus on using relevant and organic keywords while catering to both search engines and followers. Follow this practice while writing your emails as well. In the main body of the email, utilize only relevant industry-related keywords. It will help create an attractive, readable layout.

And when you are doing your keyword research, don’t undervalue the power of long-tail keywords. These descriptive keywords can deliver a more concise, targeted level of traffic.

When it comes to SEOs, webmasters often believe that shorter search queries result in higher search volumes as compared to longer ones.

But if you take a look at the example below, that myth will be busted:

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You can easily notice that the four and five-word phrases have more search volume as compared to the two-word phrase “lose weight.”

Another best practice is to send out target content. Find out your users’ demographic as it is crucial while pitching to your target audience. The content piece or email that you create should be catered around the demographic milestone. And the tone of your copy should cater to the age group it would be read by. Furthermore, learning how to automate emails can help boost your e-commerce marketing.

You can also try recycling your emails into blogs as writing and creating an email is a time-consuming task. If done right, you can send insightful, actionable content to your subscribers. 

Moreover, Google can index it, and your email campaign can positively affect your website’s rankings.

4. Design your website to be mobile responsive

In this day and age, responsive web design is crucial if you want to see increased visitor retention, search placement, and website user interest.

Why is it so?

The percentage of international web pages served to mobile phones is increasing yearly.

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People depend on their mobile phones to solve queries or perform various activities like making payments, paying bills, filling up forms, and so on. Thanks to its portability and usability.

And of course, more and more people are into online shopping these days. In fact, most of the people these days shop directly from their smartphones. 

Thus, businesses need to optimize their ecommerce website to serve mobile users in the best possible way.

When users visit an online ecommerce store, they are looking for the best experience. Users are most likely to leave your site and never return after a bad experience. 

A study found out that 88% of online consumers will probably never return to a site if their initial experience is bad.

There’s also the fact that Google ensures that top search results are mobile-friendly. 

The number of mobile phone users has exceeded desktop users. And it is not only the younger generations who are using it. In the US alone, 77% of adults have a smartphone.

So, mobile responsive website design is one of the most crucial factors that you should consider in Ecommerce SEO tips.

5. Proper website structure

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Keywords should not be your sole focus if you want to improve your SEO rankings and drive sales. Your website structure can affect SEO, as well.

Even if you are able to build a great Ecommerce website, without a proper structure, you will be chasing your traffic away while negatively affecting sales.

Website design and website structure are entirely different. If it’s website design, your focus should be on how a website physically appears. But when it comes to website structure, focus on how your site’s individual pages are linked together. 

Your efforts should make the site navigation easier for users and Google’s spiders. And the key to building a great website structure is organization.

For instance, site crawlability is vital as when a search engine robot comes across an unforeseen dead end, and it can affect your SEO. 

When a search engine robot crawls through your site’s entire text content, it navigates through subpages and individual topics to make out what your website is all about. Your web page should be able to take a visitor somewhere else within the website, from one page to another without any problem.

In order to boost your site crawlability, you can include internal links on every page. It will build a connection from one part of your website to the other. Breadcrumbs and related posts automate the process of site crawlability and internal linking.

See that your site structure tempts visitors to stay instead of scaring them away.

A site structure that makes it challenging to find the product of their choice will turn away users from your site. Keep it simple to quickly enable users to find whatever they are looking for.

6. Install SSL certificate

This point cannot be emphasized enough. With the figures of online frauds and scams increasing daily, more users are concerned about online security.

If you look at the statistics, payment security concern is one of the major reasons why people don’t shop online.

You can instill trust in your users by installing an SSL certificate that provides the highest level of encryption.

Since SSL secured websites display a lock icon and HTTP text, users can easily make out that the site is concerned about user’s safety.

Moreover, Google ranks sites with HTTPS higher on search engine rankings. You can leverage HTTPS for SEO and see an increase in revenue.

What’s more? Browsers like chrome will mark your site as not secure if you are still using HTTP.

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So you will be losing out on huge traffic just by not being proactive and installing an SSL certificate.

How do you avail an SSL certificate?  You can either obtain it via a third-party company or use the one your hosting company is providing for free.

But do remember, a free SSL certificate is not often the best option. 

With paid certificates comes a higher level of trust. You can obtain paid OV and EV certificates that provide visual indicators to browsers such as the business name in URL, Certificate information, and enhanced site seals.

7. Optimize your image

It is crucial to integrate visual marketing in your business.

And just think about it. How will a visitor purchase your product if they are unable to view it clearly?

The bottom line is, the better the presentation, the more the sales.

Since buyers are unable to touch the products while conducting online shopping, it makes a buyer’s journey difficult.

The only way out is to optimize the image to deliver a flawless experience to the visitors.

Consider displaying images of your products taken from every angle to assist the buyers.

You can also make small videos that allow users to have a complete 360-degree view of the product.

Image optimization for the search engine is a great way to attract traffic for your ecommerce store.

To optimize your Ecommerce images for SEO:

  1. Ensure that your product images contain relevant titles. By naming a picture, the audience comes to know what the product is, and it helps the search engines understand what the picture is of. Though Google can’t read images, it can read the titles.
  2. Alt tags play a critical role in SEO. You should consider adding Alt tags when it comes to image optimization.
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Often times, Google can’t render the images for different reasons. This is where Alt tags come in. They work as a substitute for images. Make use of Alt tags that can describe the images clearly and include your targeted keyword in the Alt tag for maximized optimization. It will boost the users’ experience as well as they can make out what kind of image is supposed to be on the page in case the image fails to open.

  1. The size of the image matters a big deal as it contributes to your website’s loading speed. If you use large-sized images, usually, it will lead to increased loading time. It is ideal to keep the image size small to increase the website loading speed.
  2. Now coming to image file type, it really matters when you are considering the quality. Go for JPEG file format as it can keep the file size smaller. This format ensures high-quality and smaller sized images.


These are tried and tested SEO tips for evergreen E-commerce sales. Writing unique content, targeting the right keywords, targeting the audience, switching your site to HTTPS, and image optimization are some factors that can boost your site’s SEO ranking and drive sales.

While you are doing your keyword research, consider using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends. It will help you to identify current topics that your target market is interested to learn about. 

Strategic planning is necessary if you want your business to succeed. You may be doing what everyone is doing by bringing your business online, but you can do it better by stepping up your SEO game.  

Try out the tips mentioned in this comprehensive guide and see where it leads you.

The views included in this article are entirely the work and thoughts of the author, and may not always reflect the views and opinions of Regex SEO.

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