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Companies today need to work on two things – keeping the business alive and growing. To do this, they need resources, expertise, and time. Since not all companies share the same goals and budgets, this can often become a challenge. That’s where SaaS software products come into the picture.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed tremendous interest and growth in the SaaS software field. Researchers are trying to keep up with the rising numbers, estimating that the SaaS product market will grow to $60.36 billion by 2023.

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In other words, SaaS has changed the way businesses operate. Products are now used for many things – from making documents accessible to all to providing customer support to performing analytics of all sorts. As a result, businesses rely greatly on these solutions. A BetterCloud survey says that 38% of organizations are already running almost entirely on SaaS products at this point.

What Is SaaS Software?

Software as a service or on-demand software is a product in which centrally hosted software serves a function and provides services to users through a licensed subscription. In other words, users can easily access the data over the Internet without the need for installs or expensive hardware.

11 Best SaaS software solutions for your business this year

If you want to improve the ways that your business operates, attract better talent, and boost employee satisfaction, these are the tools to use in 2021.

1. for live broadcasting

Founded in 2008 and more popular than ever, Whisbi is a must-have for all businesses who want to boost their marketing strategies today. This is a global provider of conversation sales platform combining live videos, voice, chat, content sharing, and chatbots. It’s an improved, fresh way to boost the online customer experience by improving live engagement.

Videos are more popular now than ever – and Whisbi sure knows it. Check out Whisbi’s guide to live broadcasting to learn how amazing this can be for your target audience. Thanks to this tool, you can engage with consumers in real-time through video broadcasts.

2. for collecting useful data

Have you heard of Maze? This is now the ultimate tool for collecting data for your business. Every company needs to keep track of users’ behaviors, the trends, demands, etc. To make informed decisions and avoid many expenses, as well as mistakes, companies are continuously performing tests to figure out their next steps.

Saas Software for app tests


Thanks to Maze, remote testing can go without a glitch these days. The company empowers teams to test, learn about their customers, and act fast to get ahead of the competition. This is a highly comprehensive software that eliminates hours spent rewinding and rewatching to gather user research data. Everything is packed neatly into a Maze Report that contains quantitative data like heat maps and misclicks.

If you’re interested to learn more, Maze’s usability testing guide will tell you all you need to know about the software. You can then create a maze for different projects, use their usability tests and surveys, and share the results with everyone you want.

3. for creating amazing surveys

Attest is an end-to-end survey platform that allows you to create your research tools within minutes. What would take hours, days, or even weeks of your time can be easily handled by using Attest’s template solutions. This particular technology platform has built-in demographic breakdowns, respondents at the ready, and 7 different question types for template tests.

Thanks to Attest, you can easily test your new ideas, uncover the latest consumer trends, and track brand awareness on your market – all with the help of one source. With their Pro plan, users can access an audience of 100 million consumers across 46 different markets. There are also Starter and Growth plans available.

Surveys SaaS


4. for storing and sharing data

Dropbox is an amazing cloud solution, one used by 700 million users today. No matter what your business size or what storage needs you have, Dropbox has an option for everyone – and it has become an absolute necessity for most companies.

This is software where businesses, as well as individuals, can store, as well as share their content and files. Everything is put in one place, accessible by people you allow access to, and available at any time – seeing how it is cloud-based.

5. for workspaces

Bit is similar to Dropbox, but it is also a kind of a workspace. It’s a cloud-based document collaboration platform, but also a cloud-based workspace. People use it to simultaneously share information across different applications, a unique possibility that resembles a virtual office. In the past couple of months when most businesses had to operate mostly online, this has been an amazing solution to many problems.

This tool allows you to create workspaces for different projects, groups, teams, etc. You can use those to create, organize, and collaborate the work in a single, highly accessible place. Within a given workspace, users can create interactive live documents, company wikis, documents, notes, knowledge bases, one-pager, instruction manuals, process documentation, and client deliverables.

On top of that, Bit has a content library or content hub where businesses can save all of their content in one place, including images, files, and web links.  

6. for project management

Trello can do many things for your business. It can help you plan and organize data, collaborate on projects, all without a glitch. With this top Saas software, businesses create boards, cards, and lists, as well as add comments, due dates, attachments, etc.

For easy organization, accurate spread of information, and constant synchronization across multiple devices, Trello is a brilliant tool. It helps people reach new productivity peaks – and builds team spirit.

Trello - project management SaaS


7.      Hubspot for CRM, sales, and inbound marketing

Hubspot has been trending for ages now, and it is as popular today as ever! This tool provides teams with all kinds of support including:

  • Targeting prospects
  • Conducting email campaigns
  • Interacting with customers
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Measure the results from a campaign

From email marketing automation features to lead generation, Hubspot has plenty to offer to your business. With this software, you can create workflows, integrate contact profiles, publish your content, follow up with customers, and provide quality support service. In other words, it boosts your marketing campaign on every level. The best part is – some of these features are even free!

8. for communication

Effective communication is vital to the success of any business. This is so important and yet, it’s become more challenging every day. Thanks to software like Slack, companies have been able to communicate without an issue during the pandemic, share information in real-time, and hold meetings with people from all around the globe.

In Slack, you’ll create message groups that are called ‘channels’. These are created for projects, clients, teams, or anything else you need. In them, people who join the channel can have conversations while sharing files and collaborating. The software currently integrates with over 2000 apps, which makes it super easy to use.

9. for customer support

Your customer support might be great so far, but there’s always room for improvement. How you handle customers’ requests and queries can determine your business’s success to a big extent. That’s why you need Intercom, a communications and customer support software solution.

With this tool, you can study your interactions with customers, personalize and improve them, as well as send targeted messages based on the behavior of your consumers. It examines everything from where your customers get stuck and why they need help, and how good your support is at providing feedback.

10. for accounting

Accounting is a tricky business, one that can make or break your company. All that math and organization can allow you to thrive on the market if done well or encounter many barriers and problems if done poorly. Thanks to this best SaaS software, small to medium businesses get access to reliable accounting suites at any moment.

Top Saas Software for accounting - freshbooks


If you don’t have an accounting background (or even if you do), Freshbooks has an intuitive design that offers smooth work. Its automated processes come in very handy and save tons of time. You can use it to look into financial patterns, run analytical reports, track your company expenses, and basically – grow your business.

11. for productivity

How many hours do you spend in front of screens? Whether it is your laptop or your phone, you’re probably looking into a screen for hours every day. This can be distracting at the very least, and it is not good for your productivity. Neither is it good for your team, which is probably doing the same thing.

To be able to track people and see if they are doing their work instead of slacking around, you need help from software like Toggl. Toggl is very simple to use but very powerful. It gives you an overview of the workload of your team, spots any potential issues, and reports back to you.

Wrapping up

Have you used any of these tools before? If not, start testing them today. It might take you a bit of time to get the hang of how to use them all but once you do, they can change the way your business operates – for the better, of course.

The views included in this article are entirely the work and thoughts of the author, and may not always reflect the views and opinions of Regex SEO.

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