How to Give a Marketing Agency Access to Location Group on Google My Business

By Ryan Cecil on July 2, 2019

With Google My Business we have a nifty tool called Location Groups, previously known as business accounts. This provides a more secure to manage multiple users across several locations.

To create a location group within your Google My Business follow these steps listed below.

Step One:

Make sure you are signed into the Gmail account that manages the locations you are wishing to group.

google login

Step Two:

Under Manage locations go to Create location group.

create location groups on google

Step Three:

Appropriatly name the Location group under Group name.

name location group on google my business

Step Four:

Select the location that you want to transfer.

select location group on google my business
transfer location group on google my business

Step Five:

Select a corresponding location group that you had created and click transfer.

transfering location on google my business

Step Six:

Verify that the selected location has been placed in the correct location group.

verifying location is in location group

Adding Users To Your Location Group

Click the Gear Icon to go the settings the page for the new location group.

adding new users on google my business

Click Manage Users

Voila! Add the email of the user you would like to add, click the appropriate permissions. You’ve successfully created a location group. Make sure when you are adding, add the corresponding agency ID number. 👏

adding new users on google my business

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