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We are living in an era where every business has to be highly ambitious to outshine competitors. The marketing efforts can be like tug-of-war, but the correct use of social media can be a game-changer for your business.

Social media has remolded our lives from what it used to be previously. From staying connected with everyone, searching for information, and even making purchasing decisions, social media has huge bearings on our choices.

Social platforms offer the best forum to market your business. According to Buffer’s “State of The Social 2019 Report,” 73% of marketers rated social media marketing between “very effective” to “somewhat effective.”

However, being present on all the platforms and posting content is not going to work unless you get a sizeable amount of engagement on your posts. Engagement such as likes, comments, and shares are instrumental in showing your brand’s value to Google so that you could rank better. 

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This quote by Jeff Bezos sums up the significance of engagement. He says,

“If you make your customers unhappy in the physical world, there is a chance of each of them telling six friends. But if you make them unhappy on the internet, they will tell 6000 friends.” 

Be it an established business, or a new entrant to the market, winning on the pitch of social media is vital for both.

So, if you are struggling for a while to grow your brand and increase engagements on posts, we are here to help you.

Read on to know what factors have an impact on social media engagements.

1. Organic Followers

Having followers that are genuinely interested in your product or service is the biggest factor that impacts engagements. The catch here is that numbers do matter, but not when most of them are fake.

The ideal situation to get the required engagement on every social media profile is when your target audience is active on that platform. You can then divert all your efforts towards those platforms rather than wasting time and efforts on less useful ones.

Seems complicated? Try merely asking your target audience what platform they use the most by conducting a poll.

Another tip to get a good amount of organic followers is to categorize your posts with specific hashtags to bring the targeted traffic to your profiles. You can also join engagement groups to attract the followers of your competitors.

2. Format of the Posts

Engagements rely heavily on what type of post you are sharing. Videos, images, audio, news updates, memes, announcements, and blogs are some examples of social media post formats.

According to stats published by MDG Advertising, Facebook posts with images get 20% higher engagements than videos and 352% higher engagements than links. 

Whereas, HubSpot states that 64% of people buy products after watching videos online. Look how this video on Harley Davidsons’ Facebook page got a high number of likes, comments, and shares.

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Ensure that the quality of videos and images that you post should be high, as no one likes to engage with a post that features a low-quality image. 

3. Content That Resonates With the Audience

What else could excite the audience more than content that is relevant to their interest?

Posting content on your social platforms that your target audience is hungry for will increase engagement. Whereas if you post irrelevant stuff, it will repel them.   

It is advisable to do in-depth research on who your audience is and what are their likes, dislikes, priorities, and pain points.

Check how Dubai Marine Beach resort posts serene, beautiful, and relaxing images and videos just to the liking of their audience, who is obsessed with nature and relaxing getaways.

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4. Post optimization

The more effort you put in optimizing your posts, the wider their reach would be, and the higher engagements they will get.

In the words of Liana Evans, “content doesn’t win, optimized content does.” 

You can use optimization strategies like adding keywords to the captions or categorizing your posts with specific hashtags, etc. to bring traffic to your profiles. 

For instance,, a white label SEO agency, shares the links to their blog posts with catchy captions and hashtags on their social media pages.

By using trending hashtags and catchy captions, they manage to become a part of bigger conversations on social media platforms. It also results in more user engagements on the posts.

5. Voice

Much depends upon the brand voice in which you interact with your audience. If they can feel the human feeling behind your brand and think that you are fun and friendly, they will surely love to engage with you.

However, if they sense that you are unresponsive and aloof, it will harm your social media marketing efforts. It is an undeniable fact that the audience who you have previously interacted with becomes your loyal fans. 

We love Taco Bell’s reassuring tone when anything goes wrong with a customer.

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6. Time of Posting

When it comes to posting content on social media, timing becomes very important. You need to craft a strategy that brings you the best results.

The process becomes easier if you know the demographics of your customers and use them to post when the time zones of a particular set of audiences are suitable.

My Twitter followers’ activity gave me insights on what time the engagements on my tweets were the highest, which made me tweak my posting schedules a bit. Changing my posting schedule doubled my engagements.

7. Consistency

Growing your presence on social media is not enough. You have to maintain it as well.

Posting quality content frequently across social media profiles will establish you as a devoted, persistent, and helpful brand in the audience’s eyes.

Develop a schedule where once a week, you will post a particular kind of post. An anticipating audience will more likely engage once you put up something they were waiting for. 

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8. Responsiveness

Your customers are scrolling social media feeds for a major part of the day. When they finally consider liking, commenting, sharing on your post, send them a response as quickly as possible.

A smart way to respond is what sets you apart from your competitors. Tesco is one such brand that is super quick in responding to their customers in a professional tone.

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9. User-Generated Content

Publishing user-generated content works like a charm to boost your social media marketing efforts. UGC or user-generated content is any review, image, video, or blog that is shared by a customer mentioning your brand or product.

It brings 40% more conversions on Facebook than the industry average, as reported by the Yotpo Blog.

It lets the audience find points of commonality with the poster and hence relate to the brand. In the Local Consumer Survey, 86% of consumers responded that they trust other people’s reviews for local businesses.   

Final Thoughts 

The massive user base and heightened engagements on social media handles will result in the growth of your business. The key is to keep customers’ interest paramount and encourage them to stay connected.

Taking care of the factors mentioned above will ensure that your audience will stay connected to your brand and engage more with your posts.

The views included in this article are entirely the work and thoughts of the author, and may not always reflect the views and opinions of Regex SEO.

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