Modern-day brands face many hurdles in taking leads from the top of the funnel to the bottom. However, through proper execution and personalization, it’s possible to lead your prospects from various stages of the funnel that end with a sale.

The concept of personalized lead nurturing requires knowing how to adequately meet end-users needs to increase sales opportunities. As per a Demand-Gen Report, 30% of companies have seen a 10% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads, while 17% have seen a 20% and 10% have seen a 30% increase.

But what is lead nurturing and what does it mean for digital brands? Let’s find an answer for the same.

What Does Lead Nurturing Mean?

Lead nurturing is an approach to taking potential users from various stages of the sales funnels by developing and fortifying the relationship with them at every stage. A successful lead generation and nurturing program emphasizes listening to the needs of prospects and tailoring their experience to create sales opportunities.

It’s a foundational need for a successful funnel that progresses prospects from the initial awareness stage to interest, consideration, and ultimately to purchase. However, 56% of brands feel their lead nurturing program is not personalized enough and performs poorly or needs improvement.

This means even though your digital brand considers lead nurturing to be the core goal of a marketing campaign, it’s becoming harder to engage leads due to external forces. Thus, you need a modern and tailored approach to achieve consistent growth.

Here’s how you can do so:

How Can Businesses Attain Consistent Growth with Personalized Lead Nurturing Funnel?

1. Utilize Multiple User Touch Points Effectively

As per one study, it takes an average of 8 touches for companies to generate a conversion. The first step to building a personalized lead nurturing program is to pinpoint multiple user touchpoints and use them effectively. This can prove to be the backbone for your lead nurturing funnel personalization.

Gone are the days when lead nurturing involved just setting up generic email drip campaigns. The modern marketers of today have begun adopting smart tactics and channels to go beyond that. The multi-channel approach of lead nurturing that includes SEO, content engagement, email marketing, social media, re-targeting, and others can be the most effective way.

Since there will be multiple channels and user touch points involved, you must have to ensure your sales and marketing team are well aligned to work cohesively. You need to have clarity on what user traits and needs trigger an action.

2. Discover the Traits and Needs of Your Leads

Considering your users might come from different places, they’ll have different personality traits and needs. Thus, a one-size-fits-all strategy would be ineffective. So, to take your prospects from the top to the bottom of the funnel, you need to discover certain user insights.

You need to delve deeper into identifying the pain points of your leads and tailor your funnel to help them find answers. Form a content marketing strategy that users can benefit from regardless of whether they choose to buy from you or not.

Another way to discover personality traits and needs is to strike a conversation with your ideal customers and listen to them and gauge their decision-making ability. The thing you need to understand is that prospects are beyond just buyer personas and segments created on the basis of assumption. Going beyond that will give you insights to personalize your lead nurturing funnel.

3. Leverage ABM for a Solid Understanding of Your Prospects

Account-Based Marketing, a.k.a ABM, is another technique up in your sleeves to nurture your prospects by customizing the experience of each potential account. This strategy is all about dedicating your time and energy to reaching decision-makers and smoothening the complex buying cycle for them.

However, you need in-depth knowledge and understanding of each account and the individual behind them. Getting so will enable you to create relevant, hyper-personalized messaging to nurture leads and shorten the sales cycle in most cases. Further, it can lead to an increase in customer loyalty and make your lead nurturing funnel even stronger.

Even though lead nurturing through ABM is a powerful way to tailor the experience of the recipient, you need to follow certain best practices to attain the desired growth. This includes applying proper attributions and segmentation, matching your message based on segmentation, using a multi-channel approach, and many others.

4. Tailor Your Email Campaigns Based on ABM Segmentation

As mentioned earlier, generic emails are a thing of the past. Now that marketers are adorned with modern tactics such as ABM, brands can tailor their email campaigns based on the ABM segmentation. Personalized emails tend to deliver six times higher transaction rates, however, 70% of brands fail to use personalized emails.

There are many ways to personalize your emails that aid in your lead nurturing program. One way of doing so is to combine the power of marketing personalization with delivering behavioral-based emails at the right time to the right people. Doing so increases relevance and engagement further for your email campaigns.

5. Personalize Lead Magnets to Users’ Needs

Lead magnets are targeted content at the heart of your lead generation strategy. It’s a point of initiation for your lead nurturing program that establishes the first impression on the minds of users about your brand. Finding and creating such content requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of your customers.

Since we have seen how you can gain a strong understanding of your users’ accounts and discover their traits and needs, it becomes effortless to personalize the experience from the get-go. You can create an assortment of targeted lead magnets that are personalized to nurture each of your segmented users based on their characteristics, interests, goals, and others.

You’d have to emphasize what’s important to your leads and not your brand while creating targeted lead magnets. You can simply start off by creating whitepapers, eBooks, research papers, and other gated or ungated lead magnets that nurture your prospects and bring them down to the funnel.


Personalized lead nurturing can really be a long and tiring process. However, it’s worth all the trouble if you see positive outcomes and increase your sales from leads at a lower cost. A tailored lead nurturing program encourages users to go from the top of the funnel, leading all the way to the bottom and ending with a purchase.

Building a personalized lead nurturing funnel is often hard for many, but the effective tips mentioned above can prove to be a boon for your business. The personalization level of your funnel can largely depend on your understanding of the target market. Thus, make it a priority to understand your target audience by setting up a system.

That said, start building and experimenting with your lead nurturing program if you don’t already have one to attain consistent business growth.

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