Just about every marketing team is always on the lookout for highly creative ways to tell your company’s story. Of course, everyone wants something captivating, fresh, and fun. This is the best way to get people excited about a brand new product or draw people to the website.

Using high-quality animations can help a brand convey its message or even explain various highly complex concepts in a much more cost-effective and visually appealing way.

Animations are incredibly versatile, and they should be included in your marketing strategy due to their ability to draw the attention of even the most jaded web surfer. From email campaigns to website additions, animations can provide an extra level of excitement to your online marketing campaign.

Hard-sell posts are the last thing that people want to see on social media. They join such platforms because they are looking to be entertained; in short, they would want more value if they are going to be following you. This is the part where animations come into the picture.

If you were to include them into your social media strategy, you could rest assured that your posts will be far more memorable than the run of the mill ones being regularly churned out by your competitors. Take a quick look at some of the key reasons you should include them in your marketing mix.

Animation for Marketing

1.      Animations Have the Potential to Be Highly Engaging

It is very simple, really. Animations are fun and most people like watching them. In fact, animations are one of the few forms of online media that have the potential to make a person stop and take notice. This is because they are highly engaging, quite different, and more often than not, just a bit quirky.

The use of animations is not very widespread, and this provides an important point of differentiation between your marketing campaign and that of your fellow competitors.

Once you start creating animations that cater to a particular target audience, you will be noticed. This holds true if you focus on specific themes such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas eve, or Mother’s Day or any other theme-based day. 

Think of it this way, if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of animation!

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2.      They Are an Ideal Means of Getting Your Brand Message Across

Animations are a truly fantastic means of showing your actual and prospective customers the key features of your product. If done correctly, your animation can be used to showcase your product’s positioning and show how it can bring luxury, joy, and convenience to their lives. You can use your animations to project whatever emotion you would like your product to bring to the table.

It is also a brilliant way to present your overall brand message to your target customers. Let us suppose that you want your audience to see your brand as innovative, fun, or luxurious. In every one of these cases, you will be able to communicate your message through an animation. However, trying to do the same via a set of still images can take a lot of work.

2d animation studios in London can do the job easily enough by creating nifty animations showing various popular characters experiencing the perfect, theme-based day. All thanks to the products of a company that uses animation to get its message across.

If you want to show that your Christmas products make awesome gifts (for instance), you can use animations showing the delight of the recipients. It is, of course, possible to do the same with a video, but real-world actors won’t be as intriguing as an animation. Apart from that, the average video can cost a whole lot more than animation.  

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3.      They Are Both Time and Cost-Effective

Yes, you will need a top-notch professional with tremendous skills to create quality animations. However, the total cost would still be significantly lower in comparison to the production cost of a full 30-second video. The former requires a top-notch digital design agency in London, while the latter would need plenty of makeup artists, actors, videographers, directors, and the rest.

With an animation, you would be able to tell the same story in a beautiful, eye-catching way, albeit without a massive bill at the end. If efficiency means ‘more for less,’ than animations are the way to go. In fact, a good animation can easily be completed in a few days at most. This makes it ideal for many deadline-oriented campaigns where time is of the essence.

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4.      They Are Great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Generating Traffic

One of the best things about animations is that they very easily shareable pieces of marketing material. They can be used on Facebook, YouTube, and several other platforms to improve your rankings in the listings of the more popular search engines.

Google’s newest algorithms effectively ensure that animations come up in your Google searches, thus creating a near-perfect opportunity to show new customers precisely what you’re all about.

Many research studies have concluded that search results that include animation or video have a much higher click-through rate than their plain text counterparts.

Apart from that, it is pertinent to note that having a video on your landing page will also automatically increase conversion by well over 70 percent or so. Moreover, people tend to be very keen when it comes to sharing videos compared to simple links and text posts on their favorite social media platforms. Apart from that, they also take the time to consume such content, thereby decreasing the bounce rate substantially.


In light of the above, we can safely deduce that animations are the wave of the future. In fact, they are a vital component of just about any marketing strategy today.  

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