The world of technology is growing at an exponential rate. The social media game is always changing, and you can either be adept and change with it or watch as others do what your business won’t. The choice is yours.

Take social media marketing built around quality social media posts to the next level with premium visual content like images, infographics, and videos. By working with someone like a WordPress development company, you can integrate some of the best graphic design trends into your socials, increasing the value significantly. Applying these design trends will ensure a rise in your social network value and aesthetic by the year 2020.

How to update the social media visuals in the year 2020?

the importance of graphic design in social media

Check out these easy tips and work them into your social media plan to get ahead of the competitors.

  • Minimalism – We’ve seen several top tech companies following the minimalism trend on landing pages and other content. As graphic design websites and in-house design teams pare back, we see the minimalist inspiration spreading. Soon this trend will take over and be commonplace in social media for 2020. It’s important for designers to focus on fabricating clean and clear social media graphics that make good use of the white space and clean designs.
  • A pinch of citrus – The value of color in graphic design, whether for social media or websites, is massive. Looking at color trends, we can see how colors evoke certain things; take blood orange or yellow for example, colors often associated with health and warmth. Including these colors would work great for fitness brands, well-being businesses, cosmetics, and so on. Let color play a major role in your social media posts moving forward this year.
  • Dreamy & Abstract illustrations – Starting with giants like Apple, Twitter, Spotify, and even places like Casper, we can see the addition of illustrations almost everywhere. When advancing with WordPress development, you should be sure that social media posts are serious with your business posts. Ask your designer to come up with dreamy, abstract illustrations that make a nice counterpoint to the grounded and realistic information that you’re offering. Bizarre color combinations and overstate proportions can work well when tastefully done. This trend will be great for grabbing attention and engaging readers that might have skipped over the content otherwise on social media.
how to design social media graphics
  • Muffled color palettes – When you want to update those great graphic design posters of yours, you cannot afford to neglect the trend called muted color palettes. A muted color is something that has white or black added to it. The aim is to create a color that is a reverse of the vibrant colors. As designers can quickly add the muted colors to the images & headers, this trend is a really efficacious one on social media post layout. Chalk it out with the designers of your appointed WordPress Development for making your social media posts really interesting.
  • Branded animations – Anywhere you look on social media, you will find GIFs. This trend is used so much these days that these are also observed in social media graphic app & has become an integral part of the vocabulary. However there is a catch. Animations & GIFs, despite being liked by millions of users, are still an underutilized tool. You can take advantage of the situation to craft exclusive GIF for social media posts templates for outshining all competitors. These GIFs will be unique for brands, so competitors can benefit from your original contents, On the other hand, this will also assist in developing an enhanced brand association.
  • Heavy yet simple fonts – In order to get all of your social media posts consistent traction from users, pay attention to what’s popular with users rather than companies. For instance, in 2020 we’re seeing a lot of interest in heavy fonts rather than outdated light fonts or things that try to mimic handwriting. Even for simple graphics, the right heavy font can work as an appealing visual component of your social media graphic sets.

Note: It is important to realize that this is a trend that will lose its charm if overdone. Your designer must focus on using the heavy fonts on only significant phrases or headers. Variety keeps readers interested after the impact of a good hook.

  • Type heroes – Statement typefaces are another excellent graphic design trend that can enhance your social posts. Typography is usually a more rule-bound aspect of design, but we can anticipate at least some interest and professional examples of breaking out of that form. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have shown through their filters that some interest in quirky fonts and typefaces can be popular in the right setting. Finding a good way to capitalize on that trend could add an extra punch to your socials posts going forward. For example – Gucci is one such popular and renowned brand that is grasping the concept of type heroes trend especially on Instagram.
how to design graphics for social media

Good Luck in 2020

Social media content that users find easy to consume will have the highest chance of being shared or seen on a broad scale. The idea is for your brand to develop a positive presence online with aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed visual materials.

That means it’s vital to place special emphasis not just on engaging with social media posts, but also by really taking the time to develop eye-catching images and solid hooks to draw people’s eyes and interest. People tend to navigate through social posts very quickly. Rather than spend time on a single page or image, they browse a whole library of brands, posts, accounts, and content. Bottom line, your content needs to stand out if you want to make it in 2020.

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