The role of social media in marketing cannot be overstated. It is the fastest growing trend in history, outpacing even the growth of the internet itself. 

According to Statista, as of the 1st quarter of 2020, Facebook managed to cross 2.6 billion monthly active users, which makes it the biggest social media platform worldwide. 

According to statistics by GlobalWebIndex, more than half of Facebook users visit the site daily. And they visit it not once/day but multiple times. This is just about Facebook. Stats for other social media networks are equally staggering.

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With such widespread usage, social media has become an incredible tool for marketers to spread the word about their businesses and generate sales using these platforms. 

While the benefits are practically endless, you will still need the right strategy to achieve them. In this post, we present six ways that can help you drive growth for your business and improve your social media marketing efforts.

Boosting Your Social Media Marketing

1. Create quality images:

Images have become a primary element of social media content. 32 percent of marketers believe that images have become the most crucial type of content for their business. 

Posts that contain images have a 650 percent higher engagement rate compared to text-only posts. If you want to boost your social media marketing efforts, you can no longer ignore visual content.

Many brands are still struggling with visual content marketing; however, some have perfected the craft. Glossier, for instance, has distinguished itself with exemplary visual content to the extent that users keep coming back for more.

It is pertinent to mention that you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to craft alluring images. There are resources, both free and paid, that allow users to design stunning graphics to woo and wow their audience. You can use online tools to create cover photos, Instagram images, Facebook posts, and Pinterest graphics. Here is a list of photo editing and designing tools for starters.

You can also outsource your visual content requirements. There are many designers on freelance platforms who offer their services for a nominal fee.

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2. Embrace mishaps:

While it is best to avoid mistakes, they can still happen, especially in the fast-paced world of digital media. Instead of ignoring hiccups, it is better to embrace them and inform your followers about the mistake in an actionable and apologetic manner. 

Regularly update your social media accounts about the error so that the customers are aware of how it is being handled.

Brands can take inspiration from the way a HubSpot employee handled her baby lump tweeting mishap. Pamela Vaughan accidentally posted a photo of her pregnant belly to the company’ twitter account, which now has over 800,000 followers. Instead of deleting the tweet, she created a blog post around it which received a lot of love and support. The responses mostly showed respect for the human element displayed by the leading digital marketing company.

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3. Use social media management tools:

Gone are the days when businesses used to run campaigns and manage marketing strategies manually. Today, they have social media management and automation tools at their disposal that they can use to run their social media strategies effortlessly. 

Social media scheduling tools help brands to schedule their social content across multiple platforms and manage every step of their social media marketing process. 

Many times, the process of posting to multiple channels becomes an arduous task, and there is little time left to fulfill the ever-growing list of tasks and responsibilities. Using social media management tools not only streamline the posting process but also integrate users’ comments and communication to a single place.

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4. Publish User-Generated Content:

User-generated content is the free content created by contributors who use your product or services. It can be a short testimonial, a photo, video, tweet, or a post that promotes a brand. User-generated content works as honest feedback from consumers and acts as social proof.

It is an effective form of social media marketing because customers promote a brand for free without the brand making any efforts itself. However, to gain the most out of UGC, brands need to share or retweet the content on their main page for a broader audience to see. 

For instance, a jacket brand Leather Skin Shop, shares posts that show consumers wearing or reviewing their products on their social media accounts. Such content has more impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions, as demonstrated by the Olapic’s Consumer Trust Report.

Brands can also take inspiration from GoPro. The company makes it easy for their fans to share stories about GoPro Products, which they frequently repost on their official accounts.

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5. Run Quizzes, Contests, and Promotions:

Quizzes, contests, and promotions on social media networks is an excellent way to engage users with a brand. This will help your brand get more visibility as users spend more time on your social media profiles.

 Shopkins Toy brand uses the ‘photo caption contest’ to display their product and maximize engagement on their posts. Chipotle – the American chain of fast casual restaurants – similarly ran a series of successive ‘play to win’ games to engage its Instagrammers and enhance their marketing efforts.

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Entertaining the audience with social media contests and promotions humanizes the entire user experience, and customers may end up spending more with your business.

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6. Respond to customer queries:

Social customer care is crucial for brands who want to boost their social media marketing efforts. Whether you want to address a customer’s query, answer their feedback, or respond to their compliment, make it quick. Because customers expect an immediate response from brands. 

Research shows that users expect brands to respond to their social media messages within four hours. However, most brands have an average response time of around ten hours. Given the current competitive environment, this does not bode well for businesses.

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Summing Up:

Social media marketing can be challenging, but it can no longer be ignored. 

With so many brands competing for users’ attention on social media, you cannot afford to take your marketing efforts lightly. Use these tips to fine-tune your strategies and get that much-needed boost in your social media marketing efforts.

The views included in this article are entirely the work and thoughts of the author, and may not always reflect the views and opinions of Regex SEO.

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