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Social Media as a Game-Changer in Surpassing Competitors

By Jack Roger on March 4, 2022

Even though social media marketing started at a normal pace, and not many brands and marketers were using it in their marketing efforts, it has exploded in popularity over the years and become a game-changing marketing strategy for most brands and businesses.

Ever since social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have come into the picture, they have paved their way to becoming leading marketing touchpoints for brands and potential customers. Social media enjoys a user base of more than 4 billion active users that use it to discover new brands, products, and services.

As a result of this visibility, almost every brand enjoys an active presence on social media. However, not using it appropriately can open ways for your competitors to take over you. Hence, we have compiled a list of a few ways in which you can leverage social media to surpass your competitors instead. We are sure you must be as pumped to learn more as much as we are to reveal them to you. 

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the strategies.

Here’s How to Use Social Media for Maximum Benefits

Leverage the best social media platform as per your needs

First thing’s first, you need to shortlist the social media network that would cater to your target audience. Every social media platform has a different vibe. If you are into fashion, clothing, footwear, or jewelry, then visual-dominated platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will be your best bet.

Similarly, if Gen Z or Millennials are your brand’s target audience, then you can consider promoting your business on platforms like Snapchat and Tik Tok. If you cater to a more specific sector, consider using Facebook and Twitter to target your potential customers. 

Produce good quality content depending on the interests of your audience

Once you have determined the social media platform that would work best in your favor, the second step is to ensure that the content you publish interests your target audience. Additionally, make sure that the content published by you is of value to your customers. 

Moreover, create content around the niche that your brand caters to. For instance, if you have a scarf brand, you can create content showcasing a few outfit ideas or ways in which your customers can use the scarf. The more multipurpose ideas you create and post, the more inclined your target audience will be. 

Embed a social wall on your website

Embedding a social media wall on the website is an extremely result-driven and powerful strategy to increase your performance and overall social media presence. The website is the first interaction point between the audience and a brand.

Hence, it needs to comprise content that holds power to engage and convert customers. Social media is a pool of dynamic content. Further aggregating and embedding the content on the website can fetch beneficial results like more engagement, building a social proof of the brand, and increasing sales and conversions. 

Moreover, this process helps brands enjoy sales and conversions. All you need to do is use a responsive tool like Taggbox to effortlessly collect, curate, and embed content from different social media platforms. The users can aggregate the content based on their preferred connection type like hashtags, mentions, usernames, etc. 

Such tools come with a variety of features like a customization panel, content moderation, advanced analytics, automatic content updates, and a 24×7 back support team for assisting users when they come across any issue while using the platform. 

Maintain a social calendar

Apart from creating and posting content, you must note it down appropriately and track the goals for the week or month. 

You can also note the type of content that your audience enjoys watching and reacts to the most. Moreover, you can keep track of the number of your posts according to your marketing goals. For a more systematic approach, you can leverage a color-coding format.

Be consistent with your postings

We cannot lay enough emphasis on this point which reflects its importance. Many brands out there cater to your niche and work hard to interact with their potential customers. 

Hence, with such cutthroat competition, it is compulsory that you post on a daily basis to keep your audience engaged and loyal to your brand. Ideally, it is important to post five to seven times a week to keep your audience hooked. This also ensures your audience looks forward to your content. 

Once your customers start enjoying your content, they will look forward to your content and engage more with it. If you are not as consistent, they might get distracted and follow other brands with a similar niche. 

Analyze the results of your social media campaigns

Conducting social media campaigns is a common phenomenon during social media marketing. Be it a giveaway, quiz, or hashtag campaign, always remember to monitor its results and how your followers are reacting to it. 

Mostly, social media platforms offer advanced analytics to the users for determining the performance of their posts and campaigns. However, various other analytics tools can come in handy. By using analytics, the users can get insights into details like overall engagement, posts with maximum engagement, total views, impressions, etc. 

All these details help brands determine how successful their brand campaigns are on social media, which they can take into consideration the next time a brand runs a campaign. 

Calling It a Wrap!

After going through this post, we are sure that you must be convinced that social media is one of the biggest weapons in a brand’s marketing arsenal. 

All the mentioned points are result-driven and help brands attain their targets if followed consistently. Get going now; include these strategies in your social media marketing game and you will be amazed to see the positive results! 

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