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Image Carousels: The Unnecessary Evil

By Dmitrii Kustov on June 7, 2019

Image carousels, or sliders, are hot trash. Not like cute raccoons and a talking puppet trash either, we’re talking actual waste. In spite of that, they still pop up all across the Internet, on all your favorite sites, happily scrolling across your screen unnoticed. So, if they’re not effective, why do people keep stuffing them into every web page they can get their hands on?

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Read the Mentions: Is Social Media the New Customer Service?

By Taylor Torres on May 24, 2019

Getting in touch with customer service isn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list. Most of the time it means there’s some kind of problem, or worse, I can’t figure something out on my own. While I am a die-hard fan of hold music (“soft piano riff – 10 hour version” is my favorite), I’ve got better things to do with my day, like DM Wendy’s and hope they’ll roast me on Twitter. The point is, contacting customer service has never been the most streamlined or ideal process. So what’s the alternative? Sheepishly accepting the wrong order? Asking for help in person? Absolutely not.

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How Can Social Media Improve Your SEO Ranking?

By Nick Brown on April 19, 2019
How social media marketing helps organic rankings?

Social media marketing can be your biggest SEO asset today. We could say that the essence of SEO is getting recognized as a trusted expert in your field and getting people to visit your website as much as possible. This means that you have to go where the people are. In this day and age, you can almost guarantee that the people are on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or anything in between, your target audience is bound to be online and engaging with content as you read this. If you really want to improve your SEO, devote some time to your social media marketing campaign.

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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

By Taylor Torres on March 28, 2019

With the growth of social media and public figures, the rise of the influencer has saturated social platforms and changed the way businesses are marketing their brand. “Influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method,” so it’s no wonder brands are spending less money on traditional marketing methods and are diving into the influencer platform to connect with their audiences, build trust with consumers, and preach their values.

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Do CSS sprites affect loading speed and SEO of a website?

By Dmitrii Kustov on March 8, 2019
how css sprites affect seo and loading speed of websites

There has been a lot of discussion on The Mighty Internet concerning the usage of sprites: Are they beneficial? Do CSS sprites affect SEO positively or negatively? Should I use sprites at all? As one of the top SEO and web design agencies in Houston, we here at Regex SEO have been doing some extensive research and experimentation to determine the pros and cons of using sprites as part of the SEO process.

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What is Google PageSpeed Module?

By Dmitrii Kustov on February 28, 2019
How to make your website load fast with google's pagespeed module

In the uphill climb to navigate Google’s search rankings, Google sometimes kicks an avalanche downhill with an update, forcing businesses to divert their progress or get buried on page 52.

In 2010, Google launched one of their infamous announcements: that they would be using the loading time of a webpage as a factor in its ranking algorithm.

Since the initial scramble to update, it’s become common practice in the industry to monitor page speed, as it’s become clear that this directly impacts a website’s rankings.

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Striking a Balance Between Web Design and SEO

By Ryan Cecil on January 30, 2019
SEO and Web Design

Minimalism is definitely all the rage— and not just the kind that involves cleaning out your closet. Minimalist web design is becoming increasingly popular; even sites that aren’t exactly minimalist still strive for simplicity in order to increase the ease of user experience and navigation.

While “less is more” may be a decent motto for website design, it does have one major drawback. Getting too sparse in your site’s content can harm your SEO, leaving you with a beautiful, user-friendly site that no one can actually find.

We, as the Top DesignRush’s Texas Digital Marketing Agency, know that finding the balance between attractive, functional design and SEO can be tricky, but it’s definitely possible. (more…)

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7 Easy Ways to Energize your SEO Through Link Building

By Dmitrii Kustov on January 30, 2019
Link Building Strategy

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is both simple and complex. At the most basic level, SEO is a series of steps that make your website more search engine-friendly and encourage it to appear higher in user search results. The complexity arises in knowing which of those steps to take, having the technical knowledge to complete them, knowing when to do them and understanding how to combine them for maximum effectiveness.

Many people approach SEO with a mindset similar to playing darts; they throw a bunch of things at the website and hope something scores enough points to get some results. While this method might earn you a few lucky traffic spikes, it isn’t a good long-term plan.